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KU4025B 1/8" ALCO knob aluminum Knurled

Picture of KU4025B 1/8" ALCO knob aluminum Knurled

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Part Number:

KU4025B 1/8"



Item ID: 2051000154

ALCO KU4025B 1/8" spec

  • material: aluminum
  • color: black
  • shaft diameter: 0.125 in (2.5 mm)
  • metal insert: yes
  • pointer: no
  • mounting screws: yes
  • illuminated: no
  • package: bulk
  • item per pack: 1

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KU4025B 1/8" knurled knob by ALCO. 0.125 inch shaft diameter insert. Knob size .37 x .45 One set screw.

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