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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is TEDSS?

TEDSS is a website that allows you to buy electronic parts at wholesale prices.

What is your Return Policy?

Click here to view our Return Policy.

What is your Privacy Policy?

When you place an order on, we collect personal information such as your name, phone number, address and email address. This information is gathered via secure and encrypted connection using SSL protocol. We use this information ONLY to fulfill your order. We do not sell information gathered on this site to other companies or send unsolicited e-mails to customers.

Is it safe to give you my credit card number?

Yes. It is safe to give us your credit card number because we do not store it. Your credit card number is forwarded to via secure and encrypted connection. sends us authorization code which we use to charge your credit card account.

What kind of parts can I buy at TEDSS?

TEDSS sells a wide range of electronic components from Antennas to Zener diodes and most everything electronic in between.

Do you fill orders for small quantities?

Currently all parts available for sale at are stocked in our warehouses. Because of the size of those warehouses, it is not feasible to fulfill orders under $39.98 without incurring loss on our part. For that reason we have the following policy:

  • We add handling fee for all orders under $39.98.
  • We do not ship any single line item under $19.99.

To avoid the handling fee, we encourage our customers to place orders for $39.98 or more. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Does TEDSS specialize in a particular style of component?

No. TEDSS does not specialize in a particular product line. At TEDSS you can find great pricing for resistive components like MELF resistors, carbon linear potentiometers, high voltage resistors, wirewound resistors, precision resistors, slide potentiometers, and many other styles of resistors. But in TEDSS extensive inventory you can also find product such as batteries, cables, capacitors, connectors, fans, filters, fuses, heat sinks, inductors, knobs, lamps, leds, oscillators, relays, semiconductors, switches, thermistors, transformers, tubes and varistors. And the list continues to grow daily.

Does TEDSS only sell components?

No. At TEDSS you can find computer accessories, converters, meters, microphones, modules, motors, optics, power supplies, speakers, VCR accessories and much more.

Can I find obsolete electronic components at TEDSS?

Yes you can. TEDSS has the ability to provide its customers with the most current state of the art product as well as the hard to find electronic parts.

How do I find the part I am looking for on your website?

At TEDSS, you can search by a part number or by description. You will see a photograph of the item you select to confirm that it is the item you are looking for at TEDSS.

How do I use the parametric search?

To search for a component using this tool you need to start by selecting the category you want to search. Once selected, you will be provided with a drop down menu for the information you will need for your search. For example if you select resistors you will prompted to choose a sub-category, a power rating, resistance rating, tolerance and termination style. As you make your selections TEDSS show you what it can offer at each level of your selection.

Do I need to register to look for an item like an AMP connector?

No. You do not need to sign up to search for items at TEDSS. You only need to sign up if you are going to purchase an item. Feel free to visit TEDSS any time just to look around. We are always putting new items into inventory in an effort to satisfy our customers requests.

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