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Allen Bradley American Made Potentiometers

About RV4NAYSD and RV4LAYSA Series, American Made Potentiometers.

American made potentiometers, or resistor variable, are far superior to any potentiometers from the Far East. In American manufacturing of potentiometers, none has ever met the quality of the AB (Allen Bradley) potentiometer known as Type J. The military designation is RV4NAYSD or RV4LAYSA.

The Type J potentiometers are rated at 2.25 Watts. Their life cycle is manufactured to exceed 100,000 cycles. You will find nothing like this coming from the Far East or Europe. These potentiometers have an exceedingly low noise factor making them excellent for audio applications. In fact, with use, they actually become even quieter.

When you care about quality, then Type J is the style to use.

The terminals are all hot solder dipped, for easy soldering. The Type J AB potentiometers have minimum change in resistance when exposed to extreme resistance.

The potentiometers are excellent for use in:

  • marine
  • military
  • high fidelity equipment

These controls come in locking bushing 1/2 inch or non-locking 3/8 inch bushing.

They can be found in linear taper, logarithmic, or reverse log taper.

Ohmages range from 50 ohm to 5 Mohm.

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