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Arco Electronics Trimmer Capacitors

Arco Trimmer Capacitors

Arco Electronics was a leading supplier of trimmer capacitors. Trimmer capacitors are variable capacitors used for calibration of equipment and accessed by professional technicians. They are used to set frequencies in the circuit. They are commonly used in various RF circuits, applications include, tuners, crystal oscillators and filters.

Arco Electronics types include variable compression mica trimmers and mica padders.

Arco Types 40, 42 and 46

Types 40, 42 and 46 were made in 3 types:

  • Standard bracket mount
  • PC circuit board mount - PC prefix
  • Stand off variation of PC style - C prefix
  • Type 40 is a miniature trimmer IE: 402 1.5pF-20pF
  • Type 42 is a midget trimmer, IE: PC-425 24pF-400pF
  • Type 46 is a standard trimmer, IE: C-465 50pF-380pF

These are rated at 175 working DC voltage and variable capacitance ratings 2.5pF - 1400pF

Example: PC-428 175VDCW / 350VDCT 70pF-380pF

Picture of BNC type coaxial connector.

Arco Style 30 and 30M

Arco Style 30 and 30M are variable compression mica padders - they are enclosed with a ceramic base to protect the plates and mica film.

They are rated at 250 working DC voltage type 30 and 500 working DC voltage type 30M

Example: type 304M – 500VDCW / 1000VDCT 500pF -100pF

Picture of C type coaxial connector.

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Arco trimmer capacitors can be found in communication equipment such as aerospace transmitters, mobile radios, and CATV amplifiers.