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The Best 2 Watt Potentiometers Ever Made!

Allen Bradley of Wisconsin, USA manufactured the best and highest quality potentiometer in the world. Their hot-molded carbon potentiometer Type J is a 2 Watt control.

The standard shaft of a type J pot is 0.250 diameter in inches, and can vary in length from 1/8 inch screw driver adjust to over 2 inch in length. The bushing is typically 3/8 inch for non locking potentiometers and 0.375 inch 9.5mm diameter. The locking pot has a 1/2 inch split bushing. The typical applicable shaft lengths are 1/8 screw driver adjust and 3/8 inch shaft beyond the 1/2 inch bushing.

Type J pots are the quietest potentiometers made. They are excellent in audio applications.

The three typical tapers are:

  • JA = audio clockwise log
  • JB = counter clockwise log (rev log)
  • JU = linear taper

Allen Bradley potentiometers were sealed to prevent debris interference. The AB pots work up to 500 Volts. Ohmages range from 50 Ohm through 2.5 Meg Ohm.

Although these potentiometers are no longer made, you will find that has the largest supply in the world.

If your project requires quality, AB potentiometers are for you. For those of you who know American quality works the best, buy AB quality potentiometers.

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