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Electronic Components - Carbon Comp Resistors.

What is a Carbon Comp Resistor?

Carbon composition hot molded resistors are very often the first choice when you need to provide resistance in a circuit. These resistors consist of a solid rod of conductive composite material. The chemical composition of this material is altered to produce different resistance values. The general composition consists of carbon for the conductor and ceramic for a filter. By adjusting the ratio of filter to conductor it is possible to change the resistance value. End caps are attached to the rods and leads are welded to the end cap. The resistor body is then protected with a specially epoxy coating and then color coded to allow the resistance and tolerance to be identified.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the carbon composition resistor is its pulse handling capability. This is due to the fact that the entire rod conducts, so the thermal mass is far greater, which results in a higher energy capability. Another reason is that these resistors are offered in wide resistance range, especially high resistance values. The solid integral structure combing leads, insulation and resistance material provide exceptional strength and resistance to damage which is another popular feature. The durable color coding allows you to determine resistance and tolerance from any viewpoint which very beneficial when mounting the resistor in a small space.

TEDSS has one of the largest inventories of carbon composition resistors in the industry. We offer product made by Allen Bradley, the industry leader for many years, as well many other major brands. TEDSS has both industrial grade product and military grade (RCR) resistors. These military grade resistors are tested and marked with a failure rate. TEDSS has stock on all the standard power ratings from 1/8 watt up to the hard to find 2 watt resistors.

A small sample of our large resistor inventory
Ohms Watts Part Number Manufacturer Link
4.71RCR32G4R7JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G4R7JS details
101RCR32G100JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G100JS details
331RCR32G330JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G330JS details
471RCR32G470JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G470JS details
561RCR32G560JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G560JS details
1001RCR32G101JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G101JS details
2201RCR32G221JRAllen-BradleyRCR32G221JR details
3301RCR32G331JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G331JS details
4701RCR32G471JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G471JS details
6801RCR32G681JSAllen-BradleyRCR32G681JS details
102RCR42G100JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G100JS details
1002RCR42G101JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G101JS details
2202RCR42G221JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G221JS details
10002RCR42G102JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G102JS details
47002RCR42G472JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G472JS details
56002RCR42G562JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G562JS details
220002RCR42G223JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G223JS details
470002RCR42G473JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G473JS details
1000002RCR42G104JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G104JS details
220000002RCR42G226JSAllen-BradleyRCR42G226JS details