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High Reliability Capacitors

Can you still get high quality snubber capacitors at a great price?

Snubber capacitors are used when there is a need to suppress transient voltage in a circuit, or quick movement in a circuit. One of the most reliable of these snubber capacitors is the oil impregnated type. This provides high insulation resistance. These oil filled capacitors have extra-long life and are hermetically sealed. They operate typically at 125°C. Maximum dissipation factor is less than 1%. You will also find that these capacitors work in excess of 200 hours life test at greater than 1.3 rated voltage.

Oil capacitors come in two styles: inserted tab construction and extended foil construction. You can find the oil to be vitamin Q mineral oil, or an equally reliable oil.

These axial oil capacitors are hermetically sealed to ensure long life and reliability.

You will find voltage ratings of:

  • 100 Volts
  • 200 Volts
  • 400 Volts
  • 600 Volts
  • 1000 Volts

Oil capacitors are excellent in audio applications. Audio capacitors need to be quiet, long-lasting, and meet high temperature requirements. You will find these MIL-C-25A capacitors on the shelf at, the world’s largest inventory of these high quality capacitors at the best prices.

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Example of Series MIL-C-25A and Commercial Series 196P:

Extended Foil 125°C operating temperature.

  • 100V - CP09A1KBxxx
  • 200V - CP09A1KCxxx
  • 400V - CP09A1KExxx
  • 600V - CP09A1KFxxx
  • 1000V - CP09A1KGxxx

Example of Series MIL-C-25A and Commercial Series 96P:

Inserted tab 125°C operating temperature.

  • 100V - CP05A1KBxxx
  • 200V - CP05A1KCxxx
  • 400V - CP05A1KExxx
  • 600V - CP05A1KFxxx
  • 1000V - CP05A1KGxxx