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High Voltage Film Capacitors

What do people consider high voltage in a film or mylar capacitor?
The common voltages for film / metalized polyester capacitors are as follows:

  • 50 Volts DC
  • 100 Volts DC
  • 200 / 250 Volts DC
  • 400 Volts
  • 600 / 630 Volts

When you reach 1000 VDC, film / polyester capacitors become more difficult to locate. Film / mylar / polyester / metalized polyester capacitors can go as high as 40,000 Volts. These capacitors can be found with mainly axial leads (leads coming out on opposite sides).

Not as popular, are radial leads (two leads coming out of the same side). They can be found up to 3000 Volts.

People use different names for film capacitors. Some are: polyester mylar capacitors, metalized polyester, metalized polycarbonate, metalized polypropylene capacitors, foil capacitors.

All of these named capacitors are non-polar. Standard tolerances come 5%, 10%, 20%.

At a much higher cost, these capacitors can be graded down to 2% or 1% tolerances as necessary.

Polyester / mylar / metalized mylar are usually for general purpose usages at an economical price.

Polycarbonate capacitors offer a better temperature coefficient than polyester: up to 125°C.

Some popular manufacturers of film / polyester / mylar capacitors are Electrocube capacitors, Bishop capacitors, Dearborn Electronics, Custom capacitor, Vishay-Roderstein capacitors, CDE capacitors.

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