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All About Knobs

Knobs are all around us. They're used in home appliances, entertainment devices, cars and industrial machines.

Knobs are the plastic cover that are used for grip on things such as a potentiometer. They are used to turn the potentiometers with ease and some indicate what level the potentiometer is on.

Knobs come in many shapes, sizes and types. For example:

Control Knob Types

  • Straight Knurled Knob Straight KnurledStraight Knurled Cutaway
  • Straight Knurled Knob with aluminum cap Straight Knurled with aluminum cap Straight Knurled Knob with aluminum cap cutaway
  • Ribbed Knob with brass insert Ribbed RibbedCutaway
  • Straight Knurled Knob with Skirt Straight Knurled with Skirt Straight Knurled with Skirt Cutaway
  • Ribbed Knob with Skirt Ribbed with SkirtRibbed with Skirt Cutaway
  • Fluted Knob with Skirt Fluted with SkirtFluted with Skirt cutaway
  • Straight Knurl Knob with pointer Straight Knurl with pointer Straight Knurl with pointer cutaway
  • Pointer KnobpointerpointerCutaway

Clamping Knob Types

  • Prong Knob prong
  • Wing Knob wing
  • Small Royal Knob small royal
  • Lobe Knob lobe


  • Setscrew:

    These are screws that are used to secure the knob onto the shaft of the potentiometer. These are often found in our higher quality knobs.

  • Brass Insert:

    These are inserts for the knob that helps with its rugidness. These will prevent cracking and stripping of the knob.

    Brass insert

    All these knobs are made with anti-static plastics. Additionally, here at Tedss, in our American Made Knobs, high quality knobs, there are brass inserts to ensure it will last long as well as setscrews to ensure their stability.