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Electronic Components - Resistors.

What is a Resistor?

Resistors are components, which resist or limit the flow of electric current in a circuit. They are designed to protect a circuit. The unit of measure is the ohm. An additional important characteristic is the wattage rating which indicates the power needed for the resistor to function.

Resistors are rated with a tolerance, which indicates the upper and lower limits of variation from a components nominal value i.e., an allowable deviation. These ratings are usually indicated by a % value. The lower the % ratings are on a part the better the tolerance.

Most film resistors are identified by a system of different color bands indicating the ohms, tolerance and a failure rate when applicable.

The wattage rating is determined by size.

Here is a chart of the size for most film resistors.
Rating power
1/8 2 3
1/4 2 6
1 3.5 12
2 5 15

Resistors are produced in many styles and can be composed of a variety of different materials, each of which provides its unique resistance properties.

Some of the styles you can find in stock at are:
Adjustable Wireound MELF Thick Film Surface Mount Chip
Aluminum Wirewound Metal Film Thin Film Surface Mount Chip
Axial Wirewound
(Silicon Vitreous Enamel)
Metal Oxide Tubular Wirewound
Carbon Composition Potentiometers Variable Cermet and Wirewound
Carbon Film Ceramic Cased
(Sandstone) Wirewound
Resistor Networks  
Fixed Cermet Rheostats  
Mallory wirewound resistor. CRC wirewound resistor. RCL wirewound resistor. Ty-ohm resistor. Sprague wirewound resistor. Ohmite wirewound resistor.
In extensive inventory you will find both popular brands and hard to find such as:
Allen Bradley Futaba Mepco S.E.I (Stackpole)
Angstrom Hardwick Meritek Shallcross
BI Technology
(formerly Beckman Industrial)
Huntington Electric Milwaukee Resistor Spectrol
Bourns Iskra Ohmite Tel-Labs
Bradford (BEI) IRC Pacific Tocos
Caddock Jaro Philips Tru-Ohm
Cal-R Kelvin Piher Vishay
Clarostat KOA RCD Vitrohm
Colber KRL RCL Ward Leonard
Corning (CGW) Ktronics R.G.Allen Yageo
CTS Lectrohm Rohm
Dale Memcor Sage