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Electronic Components - Terminal Boards / Blocks.

Terminal Boards / Blocks at

Commercial and Military Grade Terminal Blocks and Terminal Boards.

This product has a long history in electronics industry. Also known as screw terminals, terminal blocks and terminal board connectors are favorable because of their solid construction and ease of accessibility as a connector substitute. Barriers between terminals yields a higher electrical rating and provides protection against frayed wire shorting. This product is used for the purpose of making a connection between two points. Generally wires are connected to specified positions on the board by screw or quick connect terminal or by soldering. There are different styles of terminal boards. Single and double row, phenolic and thermoplastic material, with or without lugs.
They are used in many commercial, industrial, medical, and defense devices.

The leading manufacturers we stock at TEDSS include Augat, Beau-Vernitron, Buchanan, Cinch. Curtis, ETC, GE, Kulka, Magnum, Marathon, Marco, Molex and RDI. A wide range of ratios are available and can be specified through our online catalog.

Along with our inventory of terminal blocks we stock the accessories that you may need to go with the block. We can supply you with fanning strips, jumpers, lugs and marker strips.

Feel free to contact us with questions, specifications, and requests regarding the terminal blocks, boards, and accessories we provide.

Click series number to see spec sheet.

Augat Beau Cinch Kulka Marco
4PCV 12000 140 599 37TB
6PCV 14000 141 600 38TB
8PCV 21000 142 601 40TB
  77000 150 602 41TB
  78000 151 699 42TB

Cross reference for terminal boards.

X - represents number of terminals.

Part Number
C to C Spacing
Cinch Molex
Marco ETC
TB-XD-15-250-P375 0.375 XX-140 140XX 600GPXX   270XX
TB-XD-20-250-P438 0.438 XX-141 180XX 601GPXX   280XX
TB-XD-30-250-P563 0.563 XX-142 210XX 602GPXX   290XX
TB-XD-40-250-P688 0.688 XX-150 280XX 603GPXX    
TB-XD-50-250-P875 0.875 XX-151   604GPXX    
TB-XD-70-250-1P125 1.125 XX-152   605GPXX    
  0.375 37TB   200XX 37TB  
  0.437 38TB   210XX 38TB  
  0.562 39TB   220XX 39TB  
  0.375 40TB   201XX 40TB  
  0.437 41TB   211XX 41TB  
  0.562 42TB   221XX 42TB  

Different types of Terminal Boards / Terminal Blocks.

1-140, double row, 1 position
double row
1 position
4-140, double row, 4 position
double row
4 position
4-141, double row, 4 position
double row
4 position
4-142, double row, 4 position
double row
4 position
8-161-L, single row, 8 positions fanning strip.
single row
8 pos. fanning strip
TB-12D-30-250-P563, double row, 12 positions.
double row
12 positions
BEAU7200, single row, 20 positions.
single row
20 positions
21.340.6253.0, double row, 19 positions euro style.
double row
19 positions euro style
17-3, single row, 3 positions fanning strip.
single row
3 pos. fanning strip
24008, single row, 8 positions quick connect.
single row
8 pos. quick connect
P724, double row, sectional positions.
double row
sectional positions
BU02/10, single row plug, 10 positions.
single row plug
10 positions