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Wire-Pro Connectors.

Wire-Pro Connectors at

We now carry a line of connectors, connector accessories and cable connector assemblies from Wire-Pro, now a subsidiary of Cooper Interconnect. The Wire-Pro line also includes connectors formerly manufactured by Amphenol.

About Wire-Pro.

Wire-Pro International (WPI) manufacturers one of the industry’s largest offerings of industrial, commercial and military connectors and cable assemblies. For over 30 years, WPI’s quality has been an industry standard. WPI products are designed and manufactured to be reliable and consistent in extreme environmental conditions. As a result of this quality, WPI connectors can be found in markets such as under sea oil exploration and production, military communications and medical equipment.

Available Wire-Pro Connectors Series.

Wire Pro Connectors 17 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 17-1370Amphenol / Wire Pro17-137017-1370
Wire Pro 17-1371Amphenol / Wire Pro17-137117-1371
Wire Pro 17-1485Amphenol / Wire Pro17-148517-1485
Wire Pro 17-1587-6Amphenol / Wire Pro17-1587-617-1587-6
Wire Pro 17-1588-6Amphenol / Wire Pro17-1588-617-1588-6
Wire Pro 17-1589-9Amphenol / Wire Pro17-1589-917-1589-9
Wire Pro 17-1591-6Amphenol / Wire Pro17-1591-617-1591-6
Wire Pro 17-1657-25Amphenol / Wire Pro17-1657-2517-1657-25
Wire Pro 17-306-1Amphenol / Wire Pro17-306-117-306-1
Wire Pro 17-309-1Amphenol / Wire Pro17-309-117-309-1
Wire Pro 17-313-1Amphenol / Wire Pro17-313-117-313-1
Wire Pro 17-529Amphenol / Wire Pro17-52917-529
Wire Pro 17-766-2Amphenol / Wire Pro17-766-217-766-2
Wire Pro 17-768Amphenol / Wire Pro17-76817-768
Wire Pro 17-895Amphenol / Wire Pro17-89517-895

Wire Pro Connectors 26 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 26-190-24Amphenol / Wire Pro26-190-2426-190-24
Wire Pro 26-190-32Amphenol / Wire Pro26-190-3226-190-32
Wire Pro 26-4100-16SAmphenol / Wire Pro26-4100-16S26-4100-16S
Wire Pro 26-4301-32PAmphenol / Wire Pro26-4301-32P26-4301-32P
Wire Pro 26-4501-8SAmphenol / Wire Pro26-4501-8S26-4501-8S

Wire Pro Connectors 77 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 77MIP11Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP1177MIP11
Wire Pro 77MIP11TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP11T77MIP11T
Wire Pro 77MIP11T-MAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP11T-M77MIP11T-M
Wire Pro 77MIP12Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP1277MIP12
Wire Pro 77MIP12TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP12T77MIP12T
Wire Pro 77MIP20Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP2077MIP20
Wire Pro 77MIP20-W0125Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP20-W012577MIP20-W0125
Wire Pro 77MIP20TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP20T77MIP20T
Wire Pro 77MIP4Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP477MIP4
Wire Pro 77MIP5Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP577MIP5
Wire Pro 77MIP6Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP677MIP6
Wire Pro 77MIP6TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP6T77MIP6T
Wire Pro 77MIP7Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP777MIP7
Wire Pro 77MIP7LAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP7L77MIP7L
Wire Pro 77MIP7SAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP7S77MIP7S
Wire Pro 77MIP7TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP7T77MIP7T
Wire Pro 77MIP8Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP877MIP8
Wire Pro 77MIP8-W0125Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP8-W012577MIP8-W0125
Wire Pro 77MIP8-W0525Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP8-W052577MIP8-W0525
Wire Pro 77MIP9Amphenol / Wire Pro77MIP977MIP9
Wire Pro 77MIP9TAmphenol / Wire Pro77MIP9T77MIP9T

Wire Pro Connectors 78 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 78-88-8Amphenol / Wire Pro78-88-878-88-8
Wire Pro 78-88-8Amphenol / Wire Pro78-88-878-88-8
Wire Pro 78-PF11Amphenol / Wire Pro78-PF1178-PF11
Wire Pro 78PCG3Amphenol / Wire Pro78PCG378PCG3
Wire Pro 78PCG4Amphenol / Wire Pro78PCG478PCG4
Wire Pro 78PF5Amphenol / Wire Pro78PF578PF5
Wire Pro 78PF7Amphenol / Wire Pro78PF778PF7
Wire Pro 78RS11Amphenol / Wire Pro78RS1178RS11
Wire Pro 78RS5Amphenol / Wire Pro78RS578RS5
Wire Pro 78RS6Amphenol / Wire Pro78RS678RS6
Wire Pro 78RS7Amphenol / Wire Pro78RS778RS7
Wire Pro 78S11Amphenol / Wire Pro78S1178S11
Wire Pro 78S11TAmphenol / Wire Pro78S11T78S11T
Wire Pro 78S11W-0125Amphenol / Wire Pro78S11W-012578S11W-0125
Wire Pro 78S11W-0525Amphenol / Wire Pro78S11W-052578S11W-0525
Wire Pro 78S12Amphenol / Wire Pro78S1278S12
Wire Pro 78S4Amphenol / Wire Pro78S478S4
Wire Pro 78S4SAmphenol / Wire Pro78S4S78S4S
Wire Pro 78S5Amphenol / Wire Pro78S578S5
Wire Pro 78S5SAmphenol / Wire Pro78S5S78S5S
Wire Pro 78S5TAmphenol / Wire Pro78S5T78S5T
Wire Pro 78S6Amphenol / Wire Pro78S678S6
Wire Pro 78S7Amphenol / Wire Pro78S778S7
Wire Pro 78S8Amphenol / Wire Pro78S878S8
Wire Pro 78S8W-0125Amphenol / Wire Pro78S8W-012578S8W-0125
Wire Pro 78S8W-0525Amphenol / Wire Pro78S8W-052578S8W-0525

Wire Pro Connectors 80 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 80MC2FAmphenol / Wire Pro80MC2F80MC2F
Wire Pro 80PC2FAmphenol / Wire Pro80PC2F80PC2F

Wire Pro Connectors 86 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 86-3-13Amphenol / Wire Pro86-3-1386-3-13
Wire Pro 86-3-13LAmphenol / Wire Pro86-3-13L86-3-13L
Wire Pro 86-3-24Amphenol / Wire Pro86-3-2486-3-24
Wire Pro 86-3-858Amphenol / Wire Pro86-3-85886-3-858
Wire Pro 86-71-3SAmphenol / Wire Pro86-71-3S86-71-3S
Wire Pro 86-71-4SAmphenol / Wire Pro86-71-4S86-71-4S
Wire Pro 86-71-5SAmphenol / Wire Pro86-71-5S86-71-5S
Wire Pro 86CP11Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP1186CP11
Wire Pro 86CP11TAmphenol / Wire Pro86CP11T86CP11T
Wire Pro 86CP12Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP1286CP12
Wire Pro 86CP16Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP1686CP16
Wire Pro 86CP20Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP2086CP20
Wire Pro 86CP4Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP486CP4
Wire Pro 86CP5Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP586CP5
Wire Pro 86CP6Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP686CP6
Wire Pro 86CP7Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP786CP7
Wire Pro 86CP8Amphenol / Wire Pro86CP886CP8
Wire Pro 86CPR4Amphenol / Wire Pro86CPR486CPR4
Wire Pro 86PM11Amphenol / Wire Pro86PM1186PM11
Wire Pro 86PM12Amphenol / Wire Pro86PM1286PM12
Wire Pro 86PM20Amphenol / Wire Pro86PM2086PM20
Wire Pro 86PM4Amphenol / Wire Pro86PM486PM4
Wire Pro 86PM6-11Amphenol / Wire Pro86PM6-1186PM6-11
Wire Pro 86RCP11Amphenol / Wire Pro86RCP1186RCP11
Wire Pro 86RCP4Amphenol / Wire Pro86RCP486RCP4

Wire Pro Connectors 91 Series.

ManufacturerPart NumberPicture
Wire Pro 91MC3FAmphenol / Wire Pro91MC3F91MC3F
Wire Pro 91MC3MAmphenol / Wire Pro91MC3M91MC3M
Wire Pro 91MC4MAmphenol / Wire Pro91MC4M91MC4M
Wire Pro 91MC6FAmphenol / Wire Pro91MC6F91MC6F
Wire Pro 91MC6MAmphenol / Wire Pro91MC6M91MC6M
Wire Pro 91MPF3sAmphenol / Wire Pro91MPF3s91MPF3s
Wire Pro 91MPF6SAmphenol / Wire Pro91MPF6S91MPF6S
Wire Pro 91MPM4SAmphenol / Wire Pro91MPM4S91MPM4S
Wire Pro 91MPM6SAmphenol / Wire Pro91MPM6S91MPM6S
Wire Pro 91PC3FAmphenol / Wire Pro91PC3F91PC3F
Wire Pro 91PC4FAmphenol / Wire Pro91PC4F91PC4F
Wire Pro 91PC4MAmphenol / Wire Pro91PC4M91PC4M
Wire Pro 91PC6MAmphenol / Wire Pro91PC6M91PC6M