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RNR70C5003BS ANGSTROM resistor 500 kOhm 0.75W 0.1% film metal film

Picture of RNR70C5003BS ANGSTROM resistor 500 kOhm 0.75W 0.1% film metal film

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Item ID: 2021040455


  • resistance: 500 kohm
  • resistance tolerance: 0.1%
  • power rating: 0.750 w
  • voltage rating: 350 v
  • terminal type: axial
  • package: BULK
  • item per pack: 1

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ANGSTROM RNR70C5003BS axial precision metal film resistor. Resistance 500 kOhm. Wattage 3/4W. Tolerance 0.1%. Failure rate 0.001% / 1000h.

Meets requirements of MIL-PRF-55182. Feature low noise, verified failure rate. Excellent matching and tracking, initial accuracy and long-term stabilities. Low temperature coefficients. Outstanding immunity to environmental stress. Used in D/A and A/D converter ladder networks, synchro / resolver circuitry, precision ranging / multiplying resistors and current shunts, AF / IF / RF circuits and R-C timming / delay networks.

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