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Tube, Preamp, and Power AMP Sockets from

About Tube, Preamp, and Power AMP Sockets.

Proven and reliable components, tube sockets, preamp and power AMP sockets are regularly supplied by for some of the most prominent and precision commercial, audio, and telecommunication applications.

The tube and preamp sockets we offer include Noval, Octal, and 7 PIN varieties, which are compitable with 6s6 and 12ax7 tubes. These sockets feature chassis and PC mount, and continue to be utilized for top-quality home, industrial, and professional audio systems. Power AMP sockets are also optimal for high quality audio applications in both professional and domestic audio equipment and devices.

In addition to preamp, power AMP, and tube sockets, carries capacitors, fuses, and switches that are suitable for countless applications. As a leading precision electronic supplier, we take great pride in our expansive and evolving inventory, and the level of customer service that enables us to fulfill the unique needs of our clients, thoroughly and promptly. Contact us today and see why we are a single stop resource for so many diverse electronic components and accessories.