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Military Grade Capacitors from

About Military Grade Capacitors.

As military electronic systems require the most advanced and enduring electrical components for their application, we keep them fully in stock, and continue to expand our mil-spec inventory. By utilizing military grade capacitors in your processing and system development, you are thereby ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability where it counts most.

Constructed to exact mil-spec criteria, monolithic ceramic capacitors are provided in a range of parameters that may be electronically specified through our catalog. So that our clients may maintain integrity and quality in the electronics they produce, we offer a wide range of capacitor manufacturers, including AVX and Kemet.

Product variations of the monolithic ceramic capacitors we provide include both axial and radial leads. Series CK05, CK06, CK12 , and CK13 are just some of the many we regularly stock for prompt shipment. In addition to the high demands and ever advancing requirements of military electronic manufacturing, industrial, medical, telecommunication, and system repair manufactures have come to rely upon us to fulfill their varying need for electronic components, all in a single order. We take pride in remaining a one-stop resource for wet tantalum capacitors, fuses and fuse holders, and other components. Contact us today to learn more about our diverse offerings.