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Rocker, Dip, and Rotary Switches from

About Rocker, Dip, and Rotary Switches

To maintain our standing as one of the largest suppliers of precision components, continuously expands our variety of switches. Our inventory of rocker, rotary, and dip switches, as well as our push button, toggle, and subminiature styles, are selected in response to the unique needs of our clients.

For years, our rocker, dip, and rotary switches have been incorporated into countless military, commercial, and computer grade devices. The switches we supply continue to be utilized in advancing products and systems. This is due to our thoroughly stocked inventory, and the variety of reputable manufacturers we carry, including C-H, Marquardt, Eaton, C & K and Alcoswitch.

Select suitable switches

Our experts can help you select suitable switches, as well as sockets, capacitors, and fuses that will enable you to produce a superior, long lasting product. By utilizing the proper switch within your manufacturing, you enhance the overall quality of the end product, saving you cost, time, and energy in the long run. Simply contact us today to get started specifying, or browse through our online catalog. Our clients can often find and order all the components they require from us as a single source.