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Amphenol 57 Series Connectors.

What Are Amphenol 57 Series Connectors?

The Amphenol 57 Series of miniature ribbon connectors are a reliable, versatile, and cost effective method of meeting multi-wire cable terminations.
They are used in configuration types that include:

  • Rack to Panel
  • Cable to Panel
  • Cable to Cable

These miniature ribbon connectors are offered in 3 styles

  • Series 57 – micro - ribbons - solder type
  • Series 157 - micro - pierce - solder less type
  • Series 57LE - micro - ribbon all plastic right angle

Contact configurations include: 14, 24, 36, and 50 pins.

Features include:

  • Mating surfaces with flexing action from both contacts, form tight connection for electrical continuity.
  • Positive mating action wipes the contacts clean of foreign substances for low contact resistance.
  • Zinc plated outer shell with chromate finish for corrosion protection.
  • Solder cup contact tails for wire connection and pin style tails for PCB attachment.
  • 157 series offer solderless termination and the same reliability and features of the 57 series.
  • 57LE an all plastic connector that uses metal front shells to obtain EMI/RFI shielding capability. Right angle header allows mass termination from PCB to equipment panels.

Amphenol 57 Series Connectors can be found in Computers, Scientific instruments, PBX devices, Multiplexors, and Vending machines.

57-40240-1 24 contact receptacle mating connection with spring latches

Picture of 57-40240–1 24 contact receptacle mating connection with spring latches.

157-32240 24 contact cable mount plug

Picture of 157-32240 24 contact cable mount plug.

57LE-20240-7700(D35G) 24 contact right angle PCB terminal socket

Picture of C type coaxial connector57LE-20240-7700(D35G) 24 contact right angle PCB terminal socket.