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Electronic Components - Crystals and Crystal Oscillators.

What is a Crystal Oscillator?

A Crystal Oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses a vibrating crystal’s mechanical resonance to create an electrical signal with an exact frequency.

This frequency can be used to keep track of time, in order to provide a clock signal for digital intergrated circuits. This frequency can also be used to keep the frequencies for radio transmitters and recievers stable.

In order to contruct a crystal oscillator, a quartz crystal is mounted to the oscillator's housing. For large crystals, they are usually held by tension wires around the edge of the surface, while with smaller crystals are usually held by two points on a ceramic header. The housing for the Oscillators come in surface mount and thru-hole forms.

The frequency of Crystal Oscillators we carry range from 32.768 KHz to 80 MHz. You will tend to find lower frequencies to be used for Real-time clocks, quartz watches, and clocks. While, with higher frequencies, you will find these usually being used for electronic communication, such as in cellular devices, remote controls, GPS, radio and modems. However, some of the higher frequencies are used for clocks and some of the lower frequencies are used for electronic communications.

These oscillators are used in reciever and transmitters, phones, computers, clocks and microprocessors, as displayed below.

We will be sure to meet your needs for any oscillator with our large inventory of crystal oscillators that range from all frequencies.

Commonly Used Frequencies:

FrequencyCommon Uses
32.768 KHz Real-time clock, quartz watches and clocks
2.0972 MHz Real-time clock
2.4576 MHz UART clock
2.583 MHz Real-time clock, quartz watches and clocks
3.088 MHz Real-time clock, quartz watches and clocks
4.0000 MHz Low-power Microcontrollers
4.1934 MHz Real-time clocks
4.9152 MHz CDMA systems and UART clocks
6.0000 MHz Low speed USB devices, such as Key Boards
7.3728 MHz UART clocks
11.0590 MHz UART clock and clock for Intel 8051 microprocessors
12.0000 MHz Reference clcok for USB 1.0 and 2.0, used in CAN bus systems and clock for Intel 8051 microprocessors
12.288 MHz Digital audio systems, MiniDisc and sound cards
12.352 MHz Digital signal 1-bit clock
14.3182 MHz Common seed clock for modern PC motherboard clock benerator chips, clock for Industry Standard Architecture, CGA and VGA cards and found in 8-bit computers
14.7456 MHz UART clock and clock for microcontrollers
16.0000 MHz CAN bus systems and some USB devices
16.5000 MHz UART clock
17.734 MHz PAL B/G/H color subcarrier
20.0000 MHz 10 Mbits/s ethernet available as TXCO and OCXO and stratum 3 Network Time Protocol frequency
20.2500 MHz UART clock
23.9616 MHz UART clocks
24.576 MHz Digital audio systems and Firewire systems
25.0000 MHz Ethernet clock
36.864 MHz UART clock
49.152 MHz Digital audio and refference clock for Firewire
66.6666 MHz CPU clock and PCI bus clock

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Crystals Packages.

HC-45/SD crystal package.
surface mount half size
HC-49/SD crystal package.
surface mount half size
CM309S crystal package.
surface mount
ATSM-49 crystal package.
surface mount
2913 size crystal package.
surface mount
SMD 3 pin crystal package.
surface mount 3-PIN
HC-45/US crystal package.
thru-hole half size
HC-49/US crystal package.
thru-hole half size
HC-18/U crystal package.
thru-hole full size
HC-33/U crystal package.
thru-hole full size
HC-43/U crystal package.
thru-hole full size
HC-49/U crystal package.
thru-hole full size
HC-51/U crystal package.
thru-hole full size

Crystal Oscillators Packages.

Surface mount full size oscillator package.
surface mount full size
Thru-hole half size oscillator package.
thru-hole half size
Thru-hole full size oscillator package.
thru-hole full size
Thru-hole DIP oscillator package.
thru-hole DIP