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Oil Filled Capacitors.

What are Oil Impregnated Metal Can Capacitors

Oil Filled Capacitors manufactured in the United States are some of the most reliable, long lasting, and high quality capacitors that you can get. Axial lead oil capacitors come in two types of construction, extended foil and inserted tab. Inserted tab is smaller in size.

Oil filled capacitors work from -55°C all the way up to +85°C and 105°C. They are hermetically sealed, and are manufactured to have the lowest leakage factor. This makes oil capacitors the best component to use when a high frequency vibration can be a factor. They are excellent for audio applications, and also meet the military standard.

MIL-C-55 and series prefix of CP04, CP05, CP08, CP09 capacitances range from .001 MFD through 5MFD. Voltages are rated in DC.

Voltage: Standard voltages are 100V=(B), 200V=(C), 400V=(E), 600V=(P), 1000V=(G)

Typical tolerances are 10% and 20%.

Oil impregnated capacitors will typically withstand up to 200% of the rated voltage.

When you need to increase capcitance and voltage the axial style is normally replaced with a metal can capacitor with fixed terminals. The CP53, CP54, CP55 (side terminal, top terminal, bottom terminal respectively), are referred to as bathtub capacitors, which are one of the styles of oil filled capacitors that you can find at

MIL-C-55 capacitors come in capacitances from 0.1 – 2 MFD and voltages of 400, 600, and 1000 DC. The typical tolerance is 10% and they come with solder terminals.

Moving up to higher capacitances and voltages you will go to the CP70 style can oil capacitor with DC voltages exceeding 10K Volts. In voltages up to 1500 VDC, CP70B, you can get solder lug terminals.

When exceeding 1500VDC you move to a ceramic pillar terminal style CP70E. These capacitors are excellent for transmitters, power supplies, and audio amplification. also stocks oil capacitors in high voltages with stud mounting. The glass mike capacitors can go as high as 80KV but do not useally come in high capacitance. Typically capacitance ranges are under 0.1 MFD.

The world’s largest Oil Filled Capacitor inventory can be found at When buying in large quantities you will find some excellent bargains, and yes you can still get high quality capacitors Made in The USA. If you care about your equipment, you owe it to yourself to check out these capacitors.

A sample picture of Axial Oil Filled Capacitor.

Sample picture of an axial oil filled capacitor.

A sample picture of Radial Oil Filled Capacitor.

Sample picture of a radial oil filled capacitor.

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Oil Filled Capacitors can be found in communication equipment such as Transmitters, Mobile Radios, and CATV Amplifiers.