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We've now added Rotron Fans to our inventory. We also carry fans from other manufacturers including EMB/Pabst, Howard, Nidec and Sunon to name just a few. We have a wide assortment of shapes and styles from “Feather” fans to “Sprite” fans.

About Fans.

Fans are used in electronics for the same reason people use them in their homes on a hot day. Their purpose is to reduce the temperature in the air. When using a forced air cooling device it is important to remember that the amount of power needed to achieve the desired temperature. Some of the factors that influence the operating efficiency of an air moving device are:

  • Flow and pressure range
  • Operating speed range
  • The motor that powers the air mover

Air moving devices are generally described as being either a fan or a blower. The main difference between them is their air flow and pressure characteristics. Fans deliver air at a high flow rate but at low pressure. Blowers tend to deliver air at a low flow rate but high pressure.

Example of electric blower.
electric blower
Example of electric fan.
electric fan