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About Snap-In Capacitors.

The term snap-in is a result of the lead configuration for this type of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. This style is designed for easy mounting on a printed circuit board. At TEDSS, you can look for what you need from one the industries largest inventories of this style of capacitor. Our easy to use website and terrific pricing are why you should make your first choice when you are looking for electronic components.

Snap-in capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications because of the many advantages they provide. The aluminum case is fully insulated. The marking of the polarity makes installation easy. The safety vent on the base provides overload protection. Snap-in solder pins hold this component in place on the PC-board. They are made in many different case sizes. They have a high ripple current capability.

These are just some of the reasons that make this style one of the most popular of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The reason you should visit TEDSS to buy your snap-in capacitors is because you can search for what you need by using a part number, a description or just by using a using our visual search capability to match the picture of the part in stock in TEDSS with the part you need to replace. Our ability to ship the same day, in most cases and our great pricing will help you to see why our loyal customer base is growing every day.

TEDSS has in stock many of this industry leading manufacturers. Here are just a few of the most popular brands in stock:

  • BC Components
  • CDE
  • Elna
  • Illinois Capacitor
  • NIC
  • Nichicon
  • Panasonic
  • Rubycon
  • Sprague/Vishay
  • United Chemicon

These brands as well as many others are in stock at both the commercial and industrial temperature ratings (85°C and 105°C) and in a wide range of sizes including low profile.

  • BC Components (Beyschlag Centralab components) which emerged from Philips Electronics in 1999, was purchased by Vishay in December 2002. Their wide range of aluminum capacitors, with industry leading temperature tolerance, made this brand a very popular choice with engineers. Some of the BC components snap-in series in stock at TEDSS are their 85°C 2222-056 and 2222-157 series. Also their 105°C 2222-058 and 2222-059 series is stocked in depth
  • Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) is one of the industry leaders not only in the large can screw terminal type capacitors but also in the snap-in style can also be found at TEDSS. We stock the general purpose 85°C 380L series, their compact size 85°C 380LQ series, their general purpose 105°C 381L series and their small size 105°C 381LX series. All at great prices.
  • Elna's LP4 and LP5 series can be found in our extensive inventory. These series are available at TEDSS even though they have been discontinued by Elna. Our ability to provide you with discontinued and obsolete products is just another reason to shop at TEDSS. We can save you from dealing with the problems created when you are forced to redesign.
  • Illinois Capacitor, a leader in the production of both electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors is stocked in depth at TEDSS. Their 85°C LBA and LBB series and 105°C LMB, LMU and LMX series snap-in capacitors can be purchased at TEDSS. What we do not have in stock in these series we can order for you so if you need any Illinois Capacitor product that is not in stock send us an email at and tell us what you need. We will provide you with the price and delivery for any of your Illinois Capacitor part numbers.
  • NIC snap-in capacitors are very popular with TEDSS customers. The NRLM series which is a general purpose 85°C. TEDSS has a large inventory of this series and the NIC 105°C NRLM series.
  • Nichicon, the Japanese manufacturer that is a leader in aluminum capacitors of all styles, is stocked in depth at TEDSS.A search on our website will show you that TEDSS should be your source for Nichicon capacitors. The snap-in series that we are stock some of our most popular items. This can be attributed to Nichicon's quality and our low prices and fast delivery of these parts. The 105°C LGK and LGQ series are in stock for most values and ready to ship right away.
  • If you need Panasonic parts that you can't find at other online stores then you should start your search at TEDSS. The hard to find and obsolete series can be found at TEDSS. Such series as ECES and ECET snap-in stiye capacitors are in stock at low prices.
  • Rubycon, another of Japan's leaders in the manufacture of aluminum capacitors, is a brand that is in stock at TEDSS in snap-in capacitors. Long lead times are no problem when it's stock at TEDSS, so check us out. We have in stock a wide range of values in the 85°C USR series and 105°C MXR series.
  • If you need to buy the 80D, 81D and 82D series snap-in capacitors made by Sprague/Vishay, TEDSS should be the first place you should go. We know how popular these series have been for our customers and therefore we are constantly adding to our inventory and will continue to offer great pricing for them.
  • United Chemicon (UCC) is another of the leading Japanese aluminum capacitor manufacturers and TEDSS has stock on their 105°C KME and KMH series as well as their 85°C SMH series.

For your convenience, in selecting the capacitor that will work best in your application, we have created a chart that should be able to help you select an alternate if the series you need is not in stock. This chart does not indicate that the units listed are an exact replacement. It does show which series share general characteristics. Information such as size and other characteristics should be checked on the manufacturer's data sheet which we have provided when possible.

  CDE Elna Illinois Cap NIC Nichicon Panasonic Rubycon Sprague
85°C General Purpose 380L LP3
105°C General Purpose 381L LPE


Some of the most common applications for snap-in capacitors to be used are:

  • audio-visual equipment
  • computers
  • domestic appliances
  • frequency converters
  • switch mode power supplies
  • welding machines

The ability to get a capacitor that can work in high voltage applications such as 400V and 450V in a compact size is just one of the reasons that this style is popular in these applications. The high reliability and low ESR ratings are also characteristics that make this style the right choice for many design engineers. These snap-in style capacitors, along with many other electronic components, are in stock at

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