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Push Button, Toggle, and Subminiature Switches.

About Push Button, Toggle, and Subminiature Switches. carries a vast inventory of brand name push button, toggle, subminiature, rocker, rotary, and slide switches, to name just a few.  Just some of the manufacturers we offer include Cherry, Grayhill, Micro Switch, Carling, Raytheon, Arrow-Hart, C & K and ITT.

Selecting the proper push button, toggle, subminiature, or other style of switch, is important to maintaining the integrity and safety of the overall electronic device, and the circuit(s) into which the switch is integrated. No matter how basic or complex the system application, utilizing precision developed switch components will ensure enduring operation and quality control for the user.

Incorporating a specific style of switch will naturally impact the operation of device, but additionally, particular styles and makes of push button, toggle and subminiature switches can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the device.

Please contact us to learn which specific configuration of our toggle, subminiature, push button, dip, and/or rotary switches will best fit your application needs. We carry an expansive stock so that we can deliver switches, and all of our components, promptly and in the quantity you need. This level of customer service will save you time, cost, and effort in your ordering and manufacturing processes. Our understanding and appreciation of our clients’ time and demand for quality is how remains a leading supplier of connectors, sockets, and terminal boards among so many other components.