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Commercial and Military Grade Terminal Blocks and Terminal Boards from

About Terminal Blocks and Terminal Boards

Also known as screw terminals, terminal blocks and terminal board connectors are favorable because of their solid construction and ease of accessibility as a connector substitute. By their design, connections remain secure in construction and current. Remaining a widely used fixture in many commercial, industrial, medical, and defense devices, carries terminal blocks and boards that comply with specific commercial and military criteria.

The leading manufacturers of military and computer grade terminal blocks and terminal boards that proudly stocks include Buchanan, Kulka, and Beau. A wide range of ratios are available and can be specified through our online catalog.

Feel free to contact us with questions, specifications, and requests regarding the terminal blocks, boards, and accessories we provide. We also continue to serve our clients by stocking a complete array of switches, capacitors, tube sockets, and so many more components and electronic devices. Contact us to learn more and specify the quantity you need for prompt delivery.