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MAX11800EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX11800EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
Low-Power, Ultra-Small Resistive Touch-Screen Controllers with I2C/SPI Interface Development Kit.
Part Number: MAX11800EVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001121
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MAX11801EVKIT+ Maxim Development kit
Maxim MAX11801EVKIT+ Maxim Development kit
The MAX11800 - MAX11803 low-power touch-screen controllers operate from a single supply of 1.70V to ...
Part Number: MAX11801EVKIT+
Tedss Id: 2098001152
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MAX15041EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX15041EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAX15041 synchronous buck converter IC with integrated high-side and low-side switches. Input-Volt ...
Part Number: MAX15041EVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001190

MAX15501EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX15501EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
The MAX15501EVKIT evaluation kit provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX15501 analog output c ...
Part Number: MAX15501EVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001130
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MAX16031EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX16031EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
The MAX16031 evaluation kit provides a proven printed-circuit board layout that facilitates evaluati ...
Part Number: MAX16031EVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001123
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MAX17017DEVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX17017DEVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
The MAX17017 is a quad-output controller for ultramobile portable computers (UMPCs) that rely on a ...
Part Number: MAX17017DEVKIT+
Tedss Id: 2098001144
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MAX17410EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX17410EVKIT MAXIM Development kit
The MAX17410EVKIT evaluation kit demonstrates the high-power, dynamically adjustable, multiphase IM ...
Part Number: MAX17410EVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001126
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MAX2658EVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX2658EVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
GPS/GNSS Low-Noise Amplifier. Ultra-Low-Noise Figure: 0.8dB. Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.6V to 3.3 ...
Part Number: MAX2658EVKIT+
Tedss Id: 2098001288

MAX4951AEEVKIT MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX4951AEEVKIT MAXIM Development kit
Evaluation kit. Evaluates MAX4951AE dual-channel buffer. Circuit with SATA Input/Output. Proven PCB ...
Part Number: MAX4951AEEVKIT
Tedss Id: 2098001279
$31.99 - 2 pcs
$29.99 - 4 pcs
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MAX5393EVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
MAXIM MAX5393EVKIT+ MAXIM Development kit
The MAX5391/MAX5393 dual 256-tap, volatile, lowvoltage linear taper digital potentiometers offer th ...
Part Number: MAX5393EVKIT+
Tedss Id: 2098001139
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