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Cinch Jones Type Plugs and Sockets.

What are Cinch Jones blade type plugs and sockets?

These rugged and durable blade type plugs and sockets also known as Cinch Jones, Jones or power connectors have been popular in industrial applications for many years. These blade connectors are best used in applications that need high current capacity. They are perfect in situations that require frequent mating and un-mating. These plugs and sockets provide you with an economical option to use in place of high reliability connectors that can cost too much. has stock on most of the popular part numbers and the ability to get quotes from the factory for what you do not see in our inventory. will continue to offer our customers both the newest of technology and the traditional products at great prices.

The industry leaders in this blade type of connector are Cinch and Molex (Beau). They offer a product line that is compatible and very similar in the product specifications. Both brands have long history and even used similar part numbers for this style of connector.

Cinch for many years used the name Cinch Jones in order to reinforce its connection with the Howard P Jones Company that was an originator of this type of connector. They referred to this type of product as “Jones” plugs and sockets in their promotional literature and catalogs. In time the Cinch name became more popular and is a premier manufacturer of this type of connector.

Molex bought the Vernitron Corporation which had acquired the “Beau” products division. Molex has converted the former Vernitron part numbers to Molex numbers and at we can provide you with a cross reference not only from brand to the other. We can also provide with the former Beau-Vernitron part numbers.

Picture of P-302-AB
Picture of P-306-CCT-L
Picture of P-315-AB
Picture of S-2404H-SB
Picture of S-333-CCT
Picture of S-330-SB

Cinch Jones Blade Type Connectors Applications.

  • Data Processing Controls
  • Amusement / Vending Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Test Equipment

Cinch Jones Blade Type Connectors Specification.

Cinch Specifications.

  • Insulator: Molded monoblock, general purpose black phenolic
  • Contact Style: Plug has projecting flat blades. 300, 400, and 500 series sockets have recessed twin bellows. 2400 series has recessed bifurcated twin bellows
  • Contact Material: Plug- cadmium plated brass / Socket- cadmium –plated phosphor bronze
  • Cable Clamps: Zinc and clear irridite-plated steel
  • Polarization: All” Jones” plugs and sockets are polarized to prevent wrong-way insertion
  • Intermateability: The 400 series and the 2400 series are intermateable
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 105° centigrade

Molex Specifications.

  • Insulator: Molded monoblock, general purpose black phenolic
  • Contact Style: Plug has flat blades. Sockets are double wipe
  • Contact Material: Plug-cadmium plated brass / Socket cadmium-plated phosphor bronze
  • Cable Clamps: Steel, bright nickel electroplated
  • Polarization: All plugs and sockets are polarized and pre-grounded

Mounting style.

These power connectors are panel or cable mount style. Both brands use the same descriptions to indicate the mounting style of the connectors

Cinch P304DB 4 pin plug with deep bracket
Beau P3304DB 4 pin plug with deep bracket

Cinch S306CCT 6 pin socket with cable clamp top shell
Beau S3306CCT 6 pin socket with cable clamp top shell

Advantages to blade type plugs and sockets.

Extremely high reliability at a reasonable cost.
Flat blade connectors offer far superior durability over hollow pin connectors.
With a flat blade mating wit a double wipe socket contact; the amount of surface area is considerably larger than with pin contacts.
Robust blade contacts resist damage from improper mating.

Blade Type Power Connectors Part Number Breakdown.

P - 3 06 - AB - 04
P 3 06 AB 04
| | | | |
Type Series No of Contacts Mounting Options


  • P - plug
  • S - socket


  • 2 - Cinch 200
  • 3 - Cinch 300
  • 4 - Cinch 400
  • 24 - Cinch 2400
  • 5 - Cinch 500
  • 33 - Beau 3300
  • 44 - Beau 4400
  • 54 - Beau 5400
  • 55 - Beau 5500

No of Contacts:

  • 2-digit number


  • AB - Angle bracket
  • DB - Deep bracket
  • EB - End bracket
  • FP - Flush plate
  • LAB - Less angle bracket
  • RP - Recessed plate
  • SB - Shallow bracket
  • CCE - Cable clamp end
  • CCT - Cable clamp top
  • CCE-K - Cable clamp end with keepers
  • CCT-K - Cable clamp top with keepers
  • CCE-L - Cable clamp end with locks
  • CCT-L - Cable clamp top with locks
  • FHE - Flared hole end
  • FHT - Flared hole top


  • 03 - Silver contact plating
  • 04 - Gold contact plating
  • 05 - Rhodium contact plating
  • M - Metal backshell
  • 63A-AB - Panel lock
  • 63A-SB - Panel lock
  • 63A-DB - Panel lock
  • 2 - Cable clamp
  • 17 - Cable clamp
  • 47 - Cable clamp
  • 59 - Cable clamp
  • 78 - Cable clamp
  • 98 - Cable clamp

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