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Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets. has a tremendous inventory of Cinch Jones type plugs and sockets and we can buy it directly from the manufacturer part numbers that you may not see on our website. This is just one of the reasons to make your first choice as your supplier for blade-type power connectors. Another is the product specialists working to offer you options for discontinued product. is a resource that not only provides you with product at great prices. We can provide you with solutions to your problems.

Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets at

200 Series Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets.

PicturePart NumberManufacturerPinsTypePicture Link
CINCH P-201-3/8 connector. P-201-3/8 CINCH 1 socket P-201-3/8
CINCH P-202-B connector. P-202-B CINCH 2 plug P-202-B
CINCH P-202-CCT connector. P-202-CCT CINCH 2 plug P-202-CCT
CINCH P-202-THR connector. P-202-THR CINCH 2 plug P-202-THR
CINCH S-202-CCTTHR connector. S-202-CCTTHR CINCH 2 socket S-202-CCTTHR

300 and 3300 Series Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets.

PicturePart NumberManufacturerPinsTypePicture Link
CINCH P-302-AB connector. P-302-AB CINCH 2 socket P-302-AB
CINCH P-302-AB connector. P-302-AB CINCH 2 plug P-302-AB
CINCH P-302-CCE connector. P-302-CCE CINCH 2 plug P-302-CCE
CINCH P-302-CCT-L connector. P-302-CCT-L CINCH 2 plug P-302-CCT-L
CINCH P-302-DB connector. P-302-DB CINCH 2 plug P-302-DB
CINCH P-302-FP connector. P-302-FP CINCH 2 plug P-302-FP
CINCH P-302-FP connector. P-302-FP CINCH 2 socket P-302-FP
CINCH P-302H-AB connector. P-302H-AB CINCH 2 plug P-302H-AB
CINCH P-302-LAB connector. P-302-LAB CINCH 2 plug P-302-LAB
CINCH P-302-RP connector. P-302-RP CINCH 2 plug P-302-RP
BEAU P-3302-AB connector. P-3302-AB BEAU 2 plug P-3302-AB
BEAU P-3302-CCT connector. P-3302-CCT BEAU 2 plug P-3302-CCT
BEAU P-3302-CCT-L connector. P-3302-CCT-L BEAU 2 plug P-3302-CCT-L
BEAU P-3302-CCT-L connector. P-3302-CCT-L BEAU 2 plug P-3302-CCT-L
BEAU P-3302-CCT-M connector. P-3302-CCT-M BEAU 2 plug P-3302-CCT-M
BEAU P-3302-DB connector. P-3302-DB BEAU 2 plug P-3302-DB
BEAU P-3302-FP connector. P-3302-FP BEAU 2 plug P-3302-FP
CINCH S-302-DB connector. S-302-DB CINCH 2 socket S-302-DB
CINCH S-302-RP connector. S-302-RP CINCH 2 socket S-302-RP
BEAU S-3302-AB connector. S-3302-AB BEAU 2 socket S-3302-AB
BEAU S-3302-CCT connector. S-3302-CCT BEAU 2 socket S-3302-CCT
BEAU S-3302-CCT-L connector. S-3302-CCT-L BEAU 2 socket S-3302-CCT-L
CINCH P-303-AB connector. P-303-AB CINCH 3 plug P-303-AB
CINCH P-303-CCT connector. P-303-CCT CINCH 3 plug P-303-CCT
CINCH P-303-CCT-K connector. P-303-CCT-K CINCH 3 plug P-303-CCT-K
CINCH P-303-CCT-L connector. P-303-CCT-L CINCH 3 plug P-303-CCT-L
CINCH P-303-DB connector. P-303-DB CINCH 3 plug P-303-DB
CINCH P-303-FHT connector. P-303-FHT CINCH 3 plug P-303-FHT
CINCH P-303-FHT connector. P-303-FHT CINCH 3 plug P-303-FHT
CINCH P-303-FP connector. P-303-FP CINCH 3 plug P-303-FP
CINCH P-303H-AB connector. P-303H-AB CINCH 3 plug P-303H-AB
CINCH P-303H-CCT connector. P-303H-CCT CINCH 3 plug P-303H-CCT
CINCH P-303-LAB connector. P-303-LAB CINCH 3 plug P-303-LAB
CINCH P-303-RP connector. P-303-RP CINCH 3 plug P-303-RP
BEAU P-3303-AB connector. P-3303-AB BEAU 3 plug P-3303-AB
BEAU P-3303-CCE connector. P-3303-CCE BEAU 3 plug P-3303-CCE
BEAU P-3303-CCT connector. P-3303-CCT BEAU 3 plug P-3303-CCT
BEAU P-3303-CCT-L connector. P-3303-CCT-L BEAU 3 plug P-3303-CCT-L
BEAU P-3303-CCT-M connector. P-3303-CCT-M BEAU 3 plug P-3303-CCT-M
BEAU P-3303-FP connector. P-3303-FP BEAU 3 plug P-3303-FP
BEAU P-3303-LAB connector. P-3303-LAB BEAU 3 plug P-3303-LAB
BEAU P-3303-RP connector. P-3303-RP BEAU 3 plug P-3303-RP
BEAU S1-3303-LAB connector. S1-3303-LAB BEAU 3 socket S1-3303-LAB
CINCH S-303-CCE connector. S-303-CCE CINCH 3 socket S-303-CCE
CINCH S-303-CCT-L connector. S-303-CCT-L CINCH 3 socket S-303-CCT-L
CINCH S-303-DB connector. S-303-DB CINCH 3 socket S-303-DB
CINCH S-303-RP connector. S-303-RP CINCH 3 socket S-303-RP
BEAU S-3303-AB connector. S-3303-AB BEAU 3 socket S-3303-AB
BEAU S-3303-CCE connector. S-3303-CCE BEAU 3 socket S-3303-CCE
BEAU S-3303-CCT connector. S-3303-CCT BEAU 3 socket S-3303-CCT
BEAU S-3303-CCT-L connector. S-3303-CCT-L BEAU 3 socket S-3303-CCT-L
BEAU S-3303-CCT-M connector. S-3303-CCT-M BEAU 3 socket S-3303-CCT-M
BEAU S-3303-DB connector. S-3303-DB BEAU 3 socket S-3303-DB
BEAU S-3303-LAB connector. S-3303-LAB BEAU 3 socket S-3303-LAB
BEAU S-3303-RP connector. S-3303-RP BEAU 3 socket S-3303-RP
CINCH P-304-AB connector. P-304-AB CINCH 4 plug P-304-AB
CINCH P-304-CCT-L connector. P-304-CCT-L CINCH 4 plug P-304-CCT-L
CINCH P-304-DB connector. P-304-DB CINCH 4 plug P-304-DB
CINCH P-304-FHT connector. P-304-FHT CINCH 4 plug P-304-FHT
CINCH P-304-FP connector. P-304-FP CINCH 4 plug P-304-FP
CINCH P-304H-CCT-L connector. P-304H-CCT-L CINCH 4 plug P-304H-CCT-L
CINCH P-304-LAB connector. P-304-LAB CINCH 4 plug P-304-LAB
CINCH P-304-RP connector. P-304-RP CINCH 4 plug P-304-RP
BEAU P-3304-AB connector. P-3304-AB BEAU 4 plug P-3304-AB
BEAU P-3304-CCE connector. P-3304-CCE BEAU 4 plug P-3304-CCE
BEAU P-3304-CCT connector. P-3304-CCT BEAU 4 plug P-3304-CCT
BEAU P-3304-CCT-K connector. P-3304-CCT-K BEAU 4 plug P-3304-CCT-K
BEAU P-3304-CCT-L connector. P-3304-CCT-L BEAU 4 plug P-3304-CCT-L
BEAU P-3304-DB connector. P-3304-DB BEAU 4 plug P-3304-DB
BEAU P-3304-LAB connector. P-3304-LAB BEAU 4 plug P-3304-LAB
BEAU P-3304-RP connector. P-3304-RP BEAU 4 plug P-3304-RP
CINCH S-304-CCE connector. S-304-CCE CINCH 4 socket S-304-CCE
CINCH S-304-CCE connector. S-304-CCE CINCH 4 socket S-304-CCE
CINCH S-304-CCT-L connector. S-304-CCT-L CINCH 4 socket S-304-CCT-L
CINCH S-304-FP connector. S-304-FP CINCH 4 socket S-304-FP
CINCH S-304-LAB connector. S-304-LAB CINCH 4 socket S-304-LAB
CINCH S-304-RP connector. S-304-RP CINCH 4 socket S-304-RP
BEAU S-3304-AB connector. S-3304-AB BEAU 4 socket S-3304-AB
BEAU S-3304-CCT connector. S-3304-CCT BEAU 4 socket S-3304-CCT
BEAU S-3304-CCT-K connector. S-3304-CCT-K BEAU 4 socket S-3304-CCT-K
BEAU S-3304-CCT-L connector. S-3304-CCT-L BEAU 4 socket S-3304-CCT-L
BEAU S-3304-LAB connector. S-3304-LAB BEAU 4 socket S-3304-LAB
BEAU P1-3306-LAB connector. P1-3306-LAB BEAU 6 plug P1-3306-LAB
CINCH P-306-AB connector. P-306-AB CINCH 6 socket P-306-AB
CINCH P-306-AB connector. P-306-AB CINCH 6 plug P-306-AB
CINCH P-306-CCE-L connector. P-306-CCE-L CINCH 6 plug P-306-CCE-L
CINCH P-306-CCT connector. P-306-CCT CINCH 6 plug P-306-CCT
CINCH P-306-CCT-L connector. P-306-CCT-L CINCH 6 plug P-306-CCT-L
CINCH P-306-DB connector. P-306-DB CINCH 6 plug P-306-DB
CINCH P-306-FHT connector. P-306-FHT CINCH 6 plug P-306-FHT
CINCH P-306-FHT connector. P-306-FHT CINCH 6 plug P-306-FHT
CINCH P-306-FP connector. P-306-FP CINCH 6 plug P-306-FP
CINCH P-306-LAB connector. P-306-LAB CINCH 6 plug P-306-LAB
CINCH P-306-RP connector. P-306-RP CINCH 6 plug P-306-RP
BEAU P-3306-8-CCE connector. P-3306-8-CCE BEAU 6 plug P-3306-8-CCE
BEAU P-3306-8-LAB connector. P-3306-8-LAB BEAU 6 plug P-3306-8-LAB
BEAU P-3306-AB connector. P-3306-AB BEAU 6 plug P-3306-AB
BEAU P-3306-CCT connector. P-3306-CCT BEAU 6 plug P-3306-CCT
BEAU P-3306-CCT-L connector. P-3306-CCT-L BEAU 6 plug P-3306-CCT-L
BEAU P-3306-DB connector. P-3306-DB BEAU 6 plug P-3306-DB
BEAU P-3306-FP connector. P-3306-FP BEAU 6 plug P-3306-FP
BEAU P-3306-LAB connector. P-3306-LAB BEAU 6 plug P-3306-LAB
BEAU P3306P1LAB connector. P3306P1LAB BEAU 6 socket P3306P1LAB
BEAU S1-3306-LAB connector. S1-3306-LAB BEAU 6 socket S1-3306-LAB
BEAU S1-3306-LAB connector. S1-3306-LAB BEAU 6 socket S1-3306-LAB
BEAU S1-3306-LABSLOTTED connector. S1-3306-LABSLOTTED BEAU 6 socket S1-3306-LABSLOTTED
CINCH S-306-AB connector. S-306-AB CINCH 6 socket S-306-AB
CINCH S-306-CCE connector. S-306-CCE CINCH 6 socket S-306-CCE
CINCH S-306-CCE-L connector. S-306-CCE-L CINCH 6 socket S-306-CCE-L
CINCH S-306-FHT connector. S-306-FHT CINCH 6 socket S-306-FHT
CINCH S-306-FP connector. S-306-FP CINCH 6 socket S-306-FP
CINCH S-306-LAB connector. S-306-LAB CINCH 6 socket S-306-LAB
CINCH S-306-RP connector. S-306-RP CINCH 6 socket S-306-RP
BEAU S-3306-AB connector. S-3306-AB BEAU 6 socket S-3306-AB
BEAU S-3306-CCE connector. S-3306-CCE BEAU 6 socket S-3306-CCE
BEAU S-3306-CCT connector. S-3306-CCT BEAU 6 socket S-3306-CCT
BEAU S-3306-CCT-K connector. S-3306-CCT-K BEAU 6 socket S-3306-CCT-K
BEAU S-3306-DB connector. S-3306-DB BEAU 6 socket S-3306-DB
BEAU S-3306-EB connector. S-3306-EB BEAU 6 socket S-3306-EB
BEAU S-3306-FHT-K connector. S-3306-FHT-K BEAU 6 socket S-3306-FHT-K
BEAU S-3306-LAB connector. S-3306-LAB BEAU 6 socket S-3306-LAB
BEAU S-3306-RP connector. S-3306-RP BEAU 6 socket S-3306-RP
CINCH P-304-CCT connector. P-304-CCT CINCH 8 plug P-304-CCT
CINCH P-308-AB connector. P-308-AB CINCH 8 plug P-308-AB
CINCH P-308-CCE connector. P-308-CCE CINCH 8 plug P-308-CCE
CINCH P-308-CCT-K connector. P-308-CCT-K CINCH 8 plug P-308-CCT-K
CINCH P-308-DB connector. P-308-DB CINCH 8 plug P-308-DB
CINCH P-308-FHT connector. P-308-FHT CINCH 8 plug P-308-FHT
CINCH P-308-FP connector. P-308-FP CINCH 8 plug P-308-FP
CINCH P-308-LAB connector. P-308-LAB CINCH 8 plug P-308-LAB
CINCH P-308-RP connector. P-308-RP CINCH 8 plug P-308-RP
BEAU P-3308-AB connector. P-3308-AB BEAU 8 plug P-3308-AB
BEAU P-3308-CCE connector. P-3308-CCE BEAU 8 plug P-3308-CCE
BEAU P-3308-CCT connector. P-3308-CCT BEAU 8 plug P-3308-CCT
BEAU P-3308-CCT-K connector. P-3308-CCT-K BEAU 8 plug P-3308-CCT-K
BEAU P-3308-CCT-L connector. P-3308-CCT-L BEAU 8 plug P-3308-CCT-L
BEAU P-3308-DB connector. P-3308-DB BEAU 8 plug P-3308-DB
BEAU P-3308-FP connector. P-3308-FP BEAU 8 plug P-3308-FP
BEAU P-3308-LAB connector. P-3308-LAB BEAU 8 plug P-3308-LAB
BEAU P-3308-RP connector. P-3308-RP BEAU 8 plug P-3308-RP
CINCH S-308-AB connector. S-308-AB CINCH 8 socket S-308-AB
CINCH S-308-CCT connector. S-308-CCT CINCH 8 socket S-308-CCT
CINCH S-308-FP connector. S-308-FP CINCH 8 socket S-308-FP
CINCH S-308-RP connector. S-308-RP CINCH 8 socket S-308-RP
BEAU S-3308-AB connector. S-3308-AB BEAU 8 socket S-3308-AB
BEAU S-3308-CCE-M connector. S-3308-CCE-M BEAU 8 socket S-3308-CCE-M
BEAU S-3308-CCT connector. S-3308-CCT BEAU 8 socket S-3308-CCT
BEAU S-3308-CCT-L connector. S-3308-CCT-L BEAU 8 socket S-3308-CCT-L
BEAU S-3308-CCT-L connector. S-3308-CCT-L BEAU 8 socket S-3308-CCT-L
BEAU S-3308-DB connector. S-3308-DB BEAU 8 socket S-3308-DB
BEAU S-3308-FP connector. S-3308-FP BEAU 8 socket S-3308-FP
BEAU S-3308-LAB connector. S-3308-LAB BEAU 8 socket S-3308-LAB
BEAU S-3308-LABSLOTTED connector. S-3308-LABSLOTTED BEAU 8 socket S-3308-LABSLOTTED
BEAU S-3308LAB-WLSC connector. S-3308LAB-WLSC BEAU 8 socket S-3308LAB-WLSC
BEAU P1-3310-LAB connector. P1-3310-LAB BEAU 10 plug P1-3310-LAB
CINCH P-310-AB connector. P-310-AB CINCH 10 plug P-310-AB
CINCH P-310-CCT connector. P-310-CCT CINCH 10 plug P-310-CCT
CINCH P-310-CCT-K connector. P-310-CCT-K CINCH 10 plug P-310-CCT-K
CINCH P-310-FHT connector. P-310-FHT CINCH 10 plug P-310-FHT
CINCH P-310-FHT-L connector. P-310-FHT-L CINCH 10 plug P-310-FHT-L
CINCH P-310-FP connector. P-310-FP CINCH 10 plug P-310-FP
CINCH P-310-LAB connector. P-310-LAB CINCH 10 plug P-310-LAB
CINCH P-310-RP connector. P-310-RP CINCH 10 plug P-310-RP
CINCH P-310-RP connector. P-310-RP CINCH 10 plug P-310-RP
BEAU P-3310-AB connector. P-3310-AB BEAU 10 plug P-3310-AB
BEAU P-3310-CCE connector. P-3310-CCE BEAU 10 plug P-3310-CCE
BEAU P-3310-CCT connector. P-3310-CCT BEAU 10 plug P-3310-CCT
BEAU P-3310-CCT-K connector. P-3310-CCT-K BEAU 10 plug P-3310-CCT-K
BEAU P-3310-CCT-L connector. P-3310-CCT-L BEAU 10 plug P-3310-CCT-L
BEAU P-3310-FP connector. P-3310-FP BEAU 10 plug P-3310-FP
BEAU P-3310-LAB connector. P-3310-LAB BEAU 10 plug P-3310-LAB
CINCH S-310-AB connector. S-310-AB CINCH 10 socket S-310-AB
CINCH S-310-CCE connector. S-310-CCE CINCH 10 socket S-310-CCE
CINCH S310CCT connector. S310CCT CINCH 10 socket S310CCT
CINCH S-310-CCT-L connector. S-310-CCT-L CINCH 10 socket S-310-CCT-L
CINCH S-310-FP connector. S-310-FP CINCH 10 socket S-310-FP
CINCH S-310-LAB connector. S-310-LAB CINCH 10 socket S-310-LAB
BEAU S-3310-AB connector. S-3310-AB BEAU 10 socket S-3310-AB
BEAU S-3310-CCE-M connector. S-3310-CCE-M BEAU 10 socket S-3310-CCE-M
BEAU S-3310-CCT connector. S-3310-CCT BEAU 10 socket S-3310-CCT
BEAU S-3310-CCT-K connector. S-3310-CCT-K BEAU 10 socket S-3310-CCT-K
BEAU S-3310-LAB connector. S-3310-LAB BEAU 10 socket S-3310-LAB
BEAU S-3310-RP connector. S-3310-RP BEAU 10 socket S-3310-RP
CINCH P-312-AB connector. P-312-AB CINCH 12 plug P-312-AB
CINCH P-312-CCT connector. P-312-CCT CINCH 12 plug P-312-CCT
CINCH P-312-CCT-L connector. P-312-CCT-L CINCH 12 plug P-312-CCT-L
CINCH P-312-DB connector. P-312-DB CINCH 12 plug P-312-DB
CINCH P-312-FHT connector. P-312-FHT CINCH 12 plug P-312-FHT
CINCH P-312-FP connector. P-312-FP CINCH 12 plug P-312-FP
CINCH P-312-LAB connector. P-312-LAB CINCH 12 plug P-312-LAB
CINCH P-312-RP connector. P-312-RP CINCH 12 plug P-312-RP
BEAU P-3312-AB connector. P-3312-AB BEAU 12 plug P-3312-AB
BEAU P-3312-CCE connector. P-3312-CCE BEAU 12 plug P-3312-CCE
BEAU P-3312-CCT connector. P-3312-CCT BEAU 12 plug P-3312-CCT
BEAU P-3312-CCT-L connector. P-3312-CCT-L BEAU 12 plug P-3312-CCT-L
BEAU P-3312-DB connector. P-3312-DB BEAU 12 plug P-3312-DB
BEAU P-3312-FP connector. P-3312-FP BEAU 12 plug P-3312-FP
BEAU P-3312-LAB connector. P-3312-LAB BEAU 12 plug P-3312-LAB
BEAU P-3312-RP connector. P-3312-RP BEAU 12 plug P-3312-RP
CINCH S-312-CCT-K connector. S-312-CCT-K CINCH 12 socket S-312-CCT-K
CINCH S-312-CCT-L connector. S-312-CCT-L CINCH 12 socket S-312-CCT-L
CINCH S-312-FHE connector. S-312-FHE CINCH 12 socket S-312-FHE
CINCH S-312-FHT connector. S-312-FHT CINCH 12 socket S-312-FHT
CINCH S-312-FP connector. S-312-FP CINCH 12 socket S-312-FP
CINCH S-312-LAB connector. S-312-LAB CINCH 12 socket S-312-LAB
CINCH S-312-RP connector. S-312-RP CINCH 12 socket S-312-RP
BEAU S-3312-AB connector. S-3312-AB BEAU 12 socket S-3312-AB
BEAU S-3312-CCE connector. S-3312-CCE BEAU 12 socket S-3312-CCE
BEAU S-3312-CCT connector. S-3312-CCT BEAU 12 socket S-3312-CCT
BEAU S-3312-CCT-L connector. S-3312-CCT-L BEAU 12 socket S-3312-CCT-L
BEAU S-3312-DB connector. S-3312-DB BEAU 12 socket S-3312-DB
BEAU S-3312-FP connector. S-3312-FP BEAU 12 socket S-3312-FP
BEAU S-3312-FP connector. S-3312-FP BEAU 12 socket S-3312-FP
BEAU S-3312-LAB connector. S-3312-LAB BEAU 12 socket S-3312-LAB
BEAU S-3312-RP connector. S-3312-RP BEAU 12 socket S-3312-RP
BEAU P1-3315-CCE connector. P1-3315-CCE BEAU 15 plug P1-3315-CCE
CINCH P-315-AB connector. P-315-AB CINCH 15 plug P-315-AB
CINCH P-315-CCE connector. P-315-CCE CINCH 15 plug P-315-CCE
CINCH P-315-CCE-L connector. P-315-CCE-L CINCH 15 plug P-315-CCE-L
CINCH P-315-CCT-L connector. P-315-CCT-L CINCH 15 plug P-315-CCT-L
CINCH P-315-DB connector. P-315-DB CINCH 15 plug P-315-DB
CINCH P-315-EB connector. P-315-EB CINCH 15 plug P-315-EB
CINCH P-315-FHE connector. P-315-FHE CINCH 15 plug P-315-FHE
CINCH P-315-FHT connector. P-315-FHT CINCH 15 plug P-315-FHT
CINCH P-315-LAB connector. P-315-LAB CINCH 15 plug P-315-LAB
CINCH P-315-SB connector. P-315-SB CINCH 15 plug P-315-SB
BEAU P-3315-CCE connector. P-3315-CCE BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCE
BEAU P-3315-CCE04 connector. P-3315-CCE04 BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCE04
BEAU P-3315-CCE-L connector. P-3315-CCE-L BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCE-L
BEAU P-3315-CCT connector. P-3315-CCT BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCT
BEAU P-3315-CCT-K connector. P-3315-CCT-K BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCT-K
BEAU P-3315-CCT-L connector. P-3315-CCT-L BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCT-L
BEAU P-3315-CCT-M connector. P-3315-CCT-M BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CCT-M
BEAU P-3315-CT-M connector. P-3315-CT-M BEAU 15 plug P-3315-CT-M
BEAU P-3315-DB connector. P-3315-DB BEAU 15 plug P-3315-DB
BEAU P-3315-EB connector. P-3315-EB BEAU 15 plug P-3315-EB
BEAU P-3315-LAB connector. P-3315-LAB BEAU 15 plug P-3315-LAB
BEAU P-3315-SB connector. P-3315-SB BEAU 15 plug P-3315-SB
BEAU S1-3315-AB connector. S1-3315-AB BEAU 15 socket S1-3315-AB
BEAU S1-3315-DB connector. S1-3315-DB BEAU 15 socket S1-3315-DB
BEAU S1-3315-LAB connector. S1-3315-LAB BEAU 15 socket S1-3315-LAB
CINCH S-315-AB connector. S-315-AB CINCH 15 socket S-315-AB
CINCH S-315-AB connector. S-315-AB CINCH 15 socket S-315-AB
CINCH S-315-CCE connector. S-315-CCE CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCE
CINCH S-315-CCT connector. S-315-CCT CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCT
CINCH S-315-CCT connector. S-315-CCT CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCT
CINCH S-315-CCT-K connector. S-315-CCT-K CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCT-K
CINCH S-315-CCT-L connector. S-315-CCT-L CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCT-L
CINCH S-315-CCT-L connector. S-315-CCT-L CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCT-L
CINCH S-315-CCTP connector. S-315-CCTP CINCH 15 socket S-315-CCTP
CINCH S-315-EB connector. S-315-EB CINCH 15 socket S-315-EB
CINCH S-315-EB connector. S-315-EB CINCH 15 socket S-315-EB
CINCH S-315-LAB connector. S-315-LAB CINCH 15 socket S-315-LAB
CINCH S-315-SB connector. S-315-SB CINCH 15 socket S-315-SB
BEAU S-3315-AB connector. S-3315-AB BEAU 15 socket S-3315-AB
BEAU S-3315-CCE connector. S-3315-CCE BEAU 15 socket S-3315-CCE
BEAU S-3315-CCT connector. S-3315-CCT BEAU 15 socket S-3315-CCT
BEAU S-3315-CCT-K connector. S-3315-CCT-K BEAU 15 socket S-3315-CCT-K
BEAU S-3315-CCT-L connector. S-3315-CCT-L BEAU 15 socket S-3315-CCT-L
BEAU S-3315-CCT-M connector. S-3315-CCT-M BEAU 15 socket S-3315-CCT-M
BEAU S-3315-DB connector. S-3315-DB BEAU 15 socket S-3315-DB
BEAU S-3315-EB connector. S-3315-EB BEAU 15 socket S-3315-EB
BEAU S-3315-LAB connector. S-3315-LAB BEAU 15 socket S-3315-LAB
BEAU S-3315-SB connector. S-3315-SB BEAU 15 socket S-3315-SB
BEAU S6-3315-AB connector. S6-3315-AB BEAU 15 socket S6-3315-AB
BEAU S6-3315-AB connector. S6-3315-AB BEAU 15 socket S6-3315-AB
BEAU S6-3315-LAB-X connector. S6-3315-LAB-X BEAU 15 socket S6-3315-LAB-X
CINCH P-318-AB connector. P-318-AB CINCH 18 plug P-318-AB
CINCH P-318-CCE connector. P-318-CCE CINCH 18 plug P-318-CCE
CINCH P-318-CCT connector. P-318-CCT CINCH 18 plug P-318-CCT
CINCH P-318-CCT connector. P-318-CCT CINCH 18 plug P-318-CCT
CINCH P-318-CCT-K connector. P-318-CCT-K CINCH 18 plug P-318-CCT-K
CINCH P-318-EB connector. P-318-EB CINCH 18 plug P-318-EB
CINCH P-318-FHE connector. P-318-FHE CINCH 18 plug P-318-FHE
CINCH P-318-LAB connector. P-318-LAB CINCH 18 plug P-318-LAB
CINCH P-318-SB connector. P-318-SB CINCH 18 plug P-318-SB
BEAU P-3318-AB connector. P-3318-AB BEAU 18 plug P-3318-AB
BEAU P-3318-CCE connector. P-3318-CCE BEAU 18 plug P-3318-CCE
BEAU P-3318-CCT connector. P-3318-CCT BEAU 18 plug P-3318-CCT
BEAU P-3318-CCT-L connector. P-3318-CCT-L BEAU 18 plug P-3318-CCT-L
BEAU P-3318-DB connector. P-3318-DB BEAU 18 plug P-3318-DB
BEAU P-3318-EB connector. P-3318-EB BEAU 18 plug P-3318-EB
BEAU P-3318-LAB connector. P-3318-LAB BEAU 18 plug P-3318-LAB
BEAU P-3318-SB connector. P-3318-SB BEAU 18 plug P-3318-SB
BEAU P7-3318-AB connector. P7-3318-AB BEAU 18 plug P7-3318-AB
BEAU S1-3318-CCE connector. S1-3318-CCE BEAU 18 socket S1-3318-CCE
CINCH S-318-AB connector. S-318-AB CINCH 18 socket S-318-AB
CINCH S-318-CCE connector. S-318-CCE CINCH 18 socket S-318-CCE
CINCH S-318-CCETAB connector. S-318-CCETAB CINCH 18 socket S-318-CCETAB
CINCH S-318-CCT connector. S-318-CCT CINCH 18 socket S-318-CCT
CINCH S-318-CCT-K connector. S-318-CCT-K CINCH 18 socket S-318-CCT-K
CINCH S-318-CCT-L connector. S-318-CCT-L CINCH 18 socket S-318-CCT-L
CINCH S-318-DB connector. S-318-DB CINCH 18 socket S-318-DB
CINCH S-318-FHE connector. S-318-FHE CINCH 18 socket S-318-FHE
CINCH S-318-FHT connector. S-318-FHT CINCH 18 socket S-318-FHT
CINCH S-318-LAB connector. S-318-LAB CINCH 18 socket S-318-LAB
CINCH S-318-SB connector. S-318-SB CINCH 18 socket S-318-SB
BEAU S-3318-AB connector. S-3318-AB BEAU 18 socket S-3318-AB
BEAU S-3318-CCE connector. S-3318-CCE BEAU 18 socket S-3318-CCE
BEAU S-3318-CCT-K connector. S-3318-CCT-K BEAU 18 socket S-3318-CCT-K
BEAU S-3318-DB connector. S-3318-DB BEAU 18 socket S-3318-DB
BEAU S-3318-LAB connector. S-3318-LAB BEAU 18 socket S-3318-LAB
BEAU S-3318-SB connector. S-3318-SB BEAU 18 socket S-3318-SB
BEAU P1-3321-AB connector. P1-3321-AB BEAU 21 plug P1-3321-AB
BEAU P1-3321-CCE connector. P1-3321-CCE BEAU 21 plug P1-3321-CCE
CINCH P-321-AB connector. P-321-AB CINCH 21 plug P-321-AB
CINCH P-321-AB connector. P-321-AB CINCH 21 plug P-321-AB
CINCH P-321-CCE connector. P-321-CCE CINCH 21 plug P-321-CCE
CINCH P-321-CCE-L connector. P-321-CCE-L CINCH 21 plug P-321-CCE-L
CINCH P-321-CCT connector. P-321-CCT CINCH 21 plug P-321-CCT
CINCH P-321-CCT-K connector. P-321-CCT-K CINCH 21 plug P-321-CCT-K
CINCH P-321-CCT-L connector. P-321-CCT-L CINCH 21 plug P-321-CCT-L
CINCH P-321-DB connector. P-321-DB CINCH 21 plug P-321-DB
CINCH P-321-EB connector. P-321-EB CINCH 21 plug P-321-EB
CINCH P-321-LAB connector. P-321-LAB CINCH 21 plug P-321-LAB
BEAU P-3321-AB connector. P-3321-AB BEAU 21 plug P-3321-AB
BEAU P-3321-CCE connector. P-3321-CCE BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCE
BEAU P-3321-CCE-M connector. P-3321-CCE-M BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCE-M
BEAU P-3321-CCE-M-03 connector. P-3321-CCE-M-03 BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCE-M-03
BEAU P-3321-CCEP1 connector. P-3321-CCEP1 BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCEP1
BEAU P-3321-CCT connector. P-3321-CCT BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCT
BEAU P-3321-CCT-L connector. P-3321-CCT-L BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCT-L
BEAU P-3321-CCT-M connector. P-3321-CCT-M BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCT-M
BEAU P-3321-CCT-M-03 connector. P-3321-CCT-M-03 BEAU 21 plug P-3321-CCT-M-03
BEAU P-3321-LAB connector. P-3321-LAB BEAU 21 plug P-3321-LAB
BEAU P-3321-SB connector. P-3321-SB BEAU 21 plug P-3321-SB
CINCH S-321-AB connector. S-321-AB CINCH 21 socket S-321-AB
CINCH S-321-CCE connector. S-321-CCE CINCH 21 socket S-321-CCE
CINCH S-321-CCT connector. S-321-CCT CINCH 21 socket S-321-CCT
CINCH S-321-CCT-K connector. S-321-CCT-K CINCH 21 socket S-321-CCT-K
CINCH S-321-CCT-K connector. S-321-CCT-K CINCH 21 socket S-321-CCT-K
CINCH S-321-CCT-L connector. S-321-CCT-L CINCH 21 socket S-321-CCT-L
CINCH S-321-DB connector. S-321-DB CINCH 21 socket S-321-DB
CINCH S-321-EB connector. S-321-EB CINCH 21 socket S-321-EB
CINCH S-321-EB connector. S-321-EB CINCH 21 socket S-321-EB
BEAU S-321-EB connector. S-321-EB BEAU 21 socket S-321-EB
CINCH S-321-FHE connector. S-321-FHE CINCH 21 socket S-321-FHE
CINCH S-321-FHT connector. S-321-FHT CINCH 21 socket S-321-FHT
CINCH S-321-LAB connector. S-321-LAB CINCH 21 socket S-321-LAB
CINCH S-321-SB connector. S-321-SB CINCH 21 socket S-321-SB
BEAU S-3321-AB connector. S-3321-AB BEAU 21 socket S-3321-AB
BEAU S-3321-ABS6 connector. S-3321-ABS6 BEAU 21 socket S-3321-ABS6
BEAU S-3321-CCT connector. S-3321-CCT BEAU 21 socket S-3321-CCT
BEAU S-3321-DB connector. S-3321-DB BEAU 21 socket S-3321-DB
BEAU S-3321-EB connector. S-3321-EB BEAU 21 socket S-3321-EB
BEAU S-3321-LAB connector. S-3321-LAB BEAU 21 socket S-3321-LAB
BEAU S-3321-SB connector. S-3321-SB BEAU 21 socket S-3321-SB
BEAU P1-3324-CCT connector. P1-3324-CCT BEAU 24 plug P1-3324-CCT
BEAU P1-3324-LAB connector. P1-3324-LAB BEAU 24 plug P1-3324-LAB
BEAU P1-3324-SB connector. P1-3324-SB BEAU 24 plug P1-3324-SB
CINCH P-324-AB connector. P-324-AB CINCH 24 plug P-324-AB
CINCH P-324-CCE connector. P-324-CCE CINCH 24 plug P-324-CCE
CINCH P-324-CCT connector. P-324-CCT CINCH 24 plug P-324-CCT
CINCH P-324-CCT-L connector. P-324-CCT-L CINCH 24 plug P-324-CCT-L
CINCH P-324-DB connector. P-324-DB CINCH 24 plug P-324-DB
CINCH P-324-EB connector. P-324-EB CINCH 24 plug P-324-EB
CINCH P-324-EB connector. P-324-EB CINCH 24 plug P-324-EB
CINCH P-324-EB connector. P-324-EB CINCH 24 plug P-324-EB
CINCH P-324-LAB connector. P-324-LAB CINCH 24 plug P-324-LAB
CINCH P-324-SB connector. P-324-SB CINCH 24 plug P-324-SB
BEAU P-3324-AB connector. P-3324-AB BEAU 24 plug P-3324-AB
BEAU P-3324-CCE connector. P-3324-CCE BEAU 24 plug P-3324-CCE
BEAU P-3324-CCE-M connector. P-3324-CCE-M BEAU 24 plug P-3324-CCE-M
BEAU P-3324-CCT connector. P-3324-CCT BEAU 24 plug P-3324-CCT
BEAU P-3324-CCT-M connector. P-3324-CCT-M BEAU 24 plug P-3324-CCT-M
BEAU P-3324-DB connector. P-3324-DB BEAU 24 plug P-3324-DB
BEAU P-3324-LAB connector. P-3324-LAB BEAU 24 plug P-3324-LAB
BEAU P-3324-SB connector. P-3324-SB BEAU 24 plug P-3324-SB
CINCH S-324-AB connector. S-324-AB CINCH 24 socket S-324-AB
CINCH S-324-CCE connector. S-324-CCE CINCH 24 socket S-324-CCE
CINCH S-324-CCETAB connector. S-324-CCETAB CINCH 24 socket S-324-CCETAB
CINCH S-324-CCT connector. S-324-CCT CINCH 24 socket S-324-CCT
CINCH S-324-CCT-L connector. S-324-CCT-L CINCH 24 socket S-324-CCT-L
CINCH S-324-EB connector. S-324-EB CINCH 24 socket S-324-EB
CINCH S-324-FHT connector. S-324-FHT CINCH 24 socket S-324-FHT
CINCH S-324-FHTLCC connector. S-324-FHTLCC CINCH 24 socket S-324-FHTLCC
CINCH S-324-LAB connector. S-324-LAB CINCH 24 socket S-324-LAB
CINCH S-324-LAB connector. S-324-LAB CINCH 24 socket S-324-LAB
CINCH S-324-SB connector. S-324-SB CINCH 24 socket S-324-SB
BEAU S-3324-AB connector. S-3324-AB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-AB
BEAU S-3324-AB connector. S-3324-AB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-AB
BEAU S-3324-CCEWC connector. S-3324-CCEWC BEAU 24 socket S-3324-CCEWC
BEAU S-3324-CCT connector. S-3324-CCT BEAU 24 socket S-3324-CCT
BEAU S-3324-CCT-K connector. S-3324-CCT-K BEAU 24 socket S-3324-CCT-K
BEAU S-3324-CCT-L connector. S-3324-CCT-L BEAU 24 socket S-3324-CCT-L
BEAU S-3324-CCT-L connector. S-3324-CCT-L BEAU 24 socket S-3324-CCT-L
BEAU S-3324-DB connector. S-3324-DB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-DB
BEAU S-3324-EB connector. S-3324-EB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-EB
BEAU S-3324-LAB connector. S-3324-LAB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-LAB
BEAU S-3324-SB connector. S-3324-SB BEAU 24 socket S-3324-SB
CINCH S-327-CCE connector. S-327-CCE CINCH 26 socket S-327-CCE
CINCH P-327-AB connector. P-327-AB CINCH 27 plug P-327-AB
CINCH P-327-CCE connector. P-327-CCE CINCH 27 plug P-327-CCE
CINCH P-327-CCT connector. P-327-CCT CINCH 27 plug P-327-CCT
CINCH P-327-CCT-K connector. P-327-CCT-K CINCH 27 plug P-327-CCT-K
CINCH P-327-CCT-L connector. P-327-CCT-L CINCH 27 plug P-327-CCT-L
CINCH P-327-DB connector. P-327-DB CINCH 27 plug P-327-DB
CINCH P-327-EB connector. P-327-EB CINCH 27 plug P-327-EB
CINCH P-327-LAB connector. P-327-LAB CINCH 27 plug P-327-LAB
CINCH P-327-SB connector. P-327-SB CINCH 27 plug P-327-SB
CINCH P-327-SB connector. P-327-SB CINCH 27 plug P-327-SB
BEAU P-3327-AB connector. P-3327-AB BEAU 27 plug P-3327-AB
BEAU P-3327-AB connector. P-3327-AB BEAU 27 plug P-3327-AB
BEAU P-3327-CCE connector. P-3327-CCE BEAU 27 plug P-3327-CCE
BEAU P-3327-CCE-L connector. P-3327-CCE-L BEAU 27 plug P-3327-CCE-L
BEAU P-3327-CCT connector. P-3327-CCT BEAU 27 plug P-3327-CCT
BEAU P-3327-CCT-L connector. P-3327-CCT-L BEAU 27 plug P-3327-CCT-L
BEAU P-3327-CCT-M connector. P-3327-CCT-M BEAU 27 plug P-3327-CCT-M
BEAU P-3327-EB connector. P-3327-EB BEAU 27 plug P-3327-EB
BEAU P-3327-LAB connector. P-3327-LAB BEAU 27 plug P-3327-LAB
CINCH S-327-AB connector. S-327-AB CINCH 27 socket S-327-AB
CINCH S-327-AB connector. S-327-AB CINCH 27 socket S-327-AB
CINCH S-327-CCE connector. S-327-CCE CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCE
CINCH S-327-CCE connector. S-327-CCE CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCE
CINCH S-327-CCT connector. S-327-CCT CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCT
CINCH S-327-CCT-K connector. S-327-CCT-K CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCT-K
CINCH S-327-CCT-K connector. S-327-CCT-K CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCT-K
CINCH S-327-CCT-L connector. S-327-CCT-L CINCH 27 socket S-327-CCT-L
CINCH S-327-EB connector. S-327-EB CINCH 27 socket S-327-EB
CINCH S-327-EB connector. S-327-EB CINCH 27 socket S-327-EB
CINCH S-327-SB connector. S-327-SB CINCH 27 socket S-327-SB
BEAU S-3327-AB connector. S-3327-AB BEAU 27 socket S-3327-AB
BEAU S-3327-CCE connector. S-3327-CCE BEAU 27 socket S-3327-CCE
BEAU S-3327-CCT connector. S-3327-CCT BEAU 27 socket S-3327-CCT
BEAU S-3327-CCT-M connector. S-3327-CCT-M BEAU 27 socket S-3327-CCT-M
BEAU S-3327-DB connector. S-3327-DB BEAU 27 socket S-3327-DB
BEAU S-3327-EB connector. S-3327-EB BEAU 27 socket S-3327-EB
BEAU S-3327-FHT connector. S-3327-FHT BEAU 27 socket S-3327-FHT
BEAU S-3327-LAB connector. S-3327-LAB BEAU 27 socket S-3327-LAB
BEAU S-3327-SB connector. S-3327-SB BEAU 27 socket S-3327-SB
CINCH P-330-CCE connector. P-330-CCE CINCH 30 plug P-330-CCE
CINCH P-330-CCT connector. P-330-CCT CINCH 30 plug P-330-CCT
CINCH P-330-DB connector. P-330-DB CINCH 30 plug P-330-DB
CINCH P-330-EB connector. P-330-EB CINCH 30 plug P-330-EB
CINCH P-330-FHT connector. P-330-FHT CINCH 30 plug P-330-FHT
CINCH P-330-LAB connector. P-330-LAB CINCH 30 plug P-330-LAB
CINCH P-330-SB connector. P-330-SB CINCH 30 plug P-330-SB
BEAU P-3330-AB connector. P-3330-AB BEAU 30 plug P-3330-AB
BEAU P-3330-CCE connector. P-3330-CCE BEAU 30 plug P-3330-CCE
BEAU P-3330-CCT connector. P-3330-CCT BEAU 30 plug P-3330-CCT
BEAU P-3330-DB connector. P-3330-DB BEAU 30 plug P-3330-DB
BEAU P-3330-LAB connector. P-3330-LAB BEAU 30 plug P-3330-LAB
CINCH S-330-AB connector. S-330-AB CINCH 30 socket S-330-AB
CINCH S-330-AB connector. S-330-AB CINCH 30 socket S-330-AB
CINCH S-330-CCE connector. S-330-CCE CINCH 30 socket S-330-CCE
CINCH S-330-CCT connector. S-330-CCT CINCH 30 socket S-330-CCT
CINCH S-330-CCT connector. S-330-CCT CINCH 30 socket S-330-CCT
CINCH S-330-CCT-K connector. S-330-CCT-K CINCH 30 socket S-330-CCT-K
CINCH S-330-DB connector. S-330-DB CINCH 30 socket S-330-DB
CINCH S-330-EB connector. S-330-EB CINCH 30 socket S-330-EB
CINCH S-330-EB connector. S-330-EB CINCH 30 socket S-330-EB
CINCH S-330-SB connector. S-330-SB CINCH 30 socket S-330-SB
BEAU S-3330-CCT connector. S-3330-CCT BEAU 30 socket S-3330-CCT
BEAU S-3330-CCT-K connector. S-3330-CCT-K BEAU 30 socket S-3330-CCT-K
BEAU S-3330-SB connector. S-3330-SB BEAU 30 socket S-3330-SB
BEAU P-3333-AB connector. P-3333-AB BEAU 33 plug P-3333-AB
BEAU P-3333-CCE connector. P-3333-CCE BEAU 33 plug P-3333-CCE
BEAU P-3333-CCT-K connector. P-3333-CCT-K BEAU 33 plug P-3333-CCT-K
BEAU P-3333-CCT-L connector. P-3333-CCT-L BEAU 33 plug P-3333-CCT-L
BEAU P-3333-DB connector. P-3333-DB BEAU 33 plug P-3333-DB
BEAU P-3333-EB connector. P-3333-EB BEAU 33 plug P-3333-EB
BEAU P-3333-LAB connector. P-3333-LAB BEAU 33 plug P-3333-LAB
BEAU P-3333-SB connector. P-3333-SB BEAU 33 plug P-3333-SB
CINCH P-333-AB connector. P-333-AB CINCH 33 plug P-333-AB
CINCH P-333-CCE connector. P-333-CCE CINCH 33 plug P-333-CCE
CINCH P-333-CCE-L connector. P-333-CCE-L CINCH 33 plug P-333-CCE-L
CINCH P-333-CCT connector. P-333-CCT CINCH 33 plug P-333-CCT
CINCH P-333-CCT-K connector. P-333-CCT-K CINCH 33 plug P-333-CCT-K
CINCH P-333-CCT-L connector. P-333-CCT-L CINCH 33 plug P-333-CCT-L
CINCH P-333-DB connector. P-333-DB CINCH 33 plug P-333-DB
CINCH P-333-EB connector. P-333-EB CINCH 33 plug P-333-EB
CINCH P-333-EB connector. P-333-EB CINCH 33 plug P-333-EB
CINCH P-333-FHT-L connector. P-333-FHT-L CINCH 33 plug P-333-FHT-L
CINCH P-333-LAB connector. P-333-LAB CINCH 33 plug P-333-LAB
CINCH P-333-SB connector. P-333-SB CINCH 33 plug P-333-SB
BEAU S-3333-AB connector. S-3333-AB BEAU 33 socket S-3333-AB
BEAU S-3333-CCE connector. S-3333-CCE BEAU 33 socket S-3333-CCE
BEAU S-3333-CCT connector. S-3333-CCT BEAU 33 socket S-3333-CCT
BEAU S-3333-CCT-K connector. S-3333-CCT-K BEAU 33 socket S-3333-CCT-K
BEAU S-3333-CCT-M connector. S-3333-CCT-M BEAU 33 socket S-3333-CCT-M
BEAU S-3333-EB connector. S-3333-EB BEAU 33 socket S-3333-EB
BEAU S-3333-FHE connector. S-3333-FHE BEAU 33 socket S-3333-FHE
BEAU S-3333-SB connector. S-3333-SB BEAU 33 socket S-3333-SB
CINCH S-333-AB connector. S-333-AB CINCH 33 socket S-333-AB
CINCH S-333-AB connector. S-333-AB CINCH 33 socket S-333-AB
CINCH S-333-CCE connector. S-333-CCE CINCH 33 socket S-333-CCE
CINCH S-333-CCT connector. S-333-CCT CINCH 33 socket S-333-CCT
CINCH S-333-CCT connector. S-333-CCT CINCH 33 socket S-333-CCT
CINCH S-333-CCT-K connector. S-333-CCT-K CINCH 33 socket S-333-CCT-K
CINCH S-333-CCT-L connector. S-333-CCT-L CINCH 33 socket S-333-CCT-L
CINCH S-333-EB connector. S-333-EB CINCH 33 socket S-333-EB
CINCH S-333-EB connector. S-333-EB CINCH 33 socket S-333-EB
BEAU S-333-EB connector. S-333-EB BEAU 33 socket S-333-EB
CINCH S-333-LAB connector. S-333-LAB CINCH 33 socket S-333-LAB
CINCH S-333-SB connector. S-333-SB CINCH 33 socket S-333-SB
CINCH S315DB connector. S315DB CINCH 315 socket S315DB

400 and 4400 Series Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets.

Part NumberManufacturerPinsTypePicture
CINCH P-402-AB connector. P-402-ABCINCH 2 plug P-402-AB
CINCH P-402-CCE connector. P-402-CCECINCH 2 plug P-402-CCE
CINCH P-402-CCT connector. P-402-CCTCINCH 2 plug P-402-CCT
CINCH P-402-DB connector. P-402-DBCINCH 2 plug P-402-DB
CINCH P-402-LAB connector. P-402-LABCINCH 2 plug P-402-LAB
CINCH S-402-AB connector. S-402-ABCINCH 2 socket S-402-AB
CINCH S-402-CCE connector. S-402-CCECINCH 2 socket S-402-CCE
CINCH S-402-CCT connector. S-402-CCTCINCH 2 socket S-402-CCT
CINCH S-402-DB connector. S-402-DBCINCH 2 socket S-402-DB
CINCH S-402-FHT connector. S-402-FHTCINCH 2 socket S-402-FHT
CINCH S-402-LAB connector. S-402-LABCINCH 2 socket S-402-LAB
CINCH P-404-AB connector. P-404-ABCINCH 4 plug P-404-AB
CINCH P-404-CCE connector. P-404-CCECINCH 4 plug P-404-CCE
CINCH P-404-CCT connector. P-404-CCTCINCH 4 plug P-404-CCT
CINCH P-404-DB connector. P-404-DBCINCH 4 plug P-404-DB
CINCH P-404-LAB connector. P-404-LABCINCH 4 plug P-404-LAB
CINCH P-404-SB connector. P-404-SBCINCH 4 plug P-404-SB
BEAU P-4404-AB connector. P-4404-ABBEAU 4 plug P-4404-AB
BEAU P-4404-DB connector. P-4404-DBBEAU 4 plug P-4404-DB
CINCH S-404-AB connector. S-404-ABCINCH 4 socket S-404-AB
CINCH S-404-CCE connector. S-404-CCECINCH 4 socket S-404-CCE
CINCH S-404-DB connector. S-404-DBCINCH 4 socket S-404-DB
CINCH S-404-LAB connector. S-404-LABCINCH 4 socket S-404-LAB
CINCH S-404-LAB connector. S-404-LABCINCH 4 socket S-404-LAB
CINCH S-404-SB connector. S-404-SBCINCH 4 socket S-404-SB
BEAU S-4404-LAB connector. S-4404-LABBEAU 4 socket S-4404-LAB
CINCH P-406-AB connector. P-406-ABCINCH 6 plug P-406-AB
CINCH P-406-CCE connector. P-406-CCECINCH 6 plug P-406-CCE
CINCH P-406-CCT connector. P-406-CCTCINCH 6 plug P-406-CCT
CINCH P-406-DB connector. P-406-DBCINCH 6 plug P-406-DB
CINCH P-406-LAB connector. P-406-LABCINCH 6 plug P-406-LAB
CINCH P-406-SB connector. P-406-SBCINCH 6 plug P-406-SB
BEAU P-4406-AB connector. P-4406-ABBEAU 6 plug P-4406-AB
BEAU P-4406-CCT connector. P-4406-CCTBEAU 6 plug P-4406-CCT
BEAU P-4406-DB connector. P-4406-DBBEAU 6 plug P-4406-DB
BEAU P-4406-LAB connector. P-4406-LABBEAU 6 plug P-4406-LAB
BEAU P-4406-SB connector. P-4406-SBBEAU 6 plug P-4406-SB
CINCH S-406-CCE connector. S-406-CCECINCH 6 socket S-406-CCE
CINCH S-406-CCT connector. S-406-CCTCINCH 6 socket S-406-CCT
CINCH S-406-DB connector. S-406-DBCINCH 6 socket S-406-DB
CINCH S-406-LAB connector. S-406-LABCINCH 6 socket S-406-LAB
BEAU P-4407-AB connector. P-4407-ABBEAU 7 plug P-4407-AB
CINCH P-408-AB connector. P-408-ABCINCH 8 plug P-408-AB
CINCH P-408-CCT connector. P-408-CCTCINCH 8 plug P-408-CCT
CINCH P-408-CCT connector. P-408-CCTCINCH 8 plug P-408-CCT
CINCH P-408-DB connector. P-408-DBCINCH 8 plug P-408-DB
CINCH P-408-LAB connector. P-408-LABCINCH 8 plug P-408-LAB
CINCH P-408LAB-ST connector. P-408LAB-STCINCH 8 plug P-408LAB-ST
CINCH P-408-SB connector. P-408-SBCINCH 8 plug P-408-SB
BEAU P-4408-AB connector. P-4408-ABBEAU 8 plug P-4408-AB
BEAU P-4408-DB connector. P-4408-DBBEAU 8 plug P-4408-DB
BEAU P-4408-SB connector. P-4408-SBBEAU 8 plug P-4408-SB
BEAU S3-4408-AB connector. S3-4408-ABBEAU 8 socket S3-4408-AB
CINCH S-408-AB connector. S-408-ABCINCH 8 socket S-408-AB
CINCH S-408-CCT connector. S-408-CCTCINCH 8 socket S-408-CCT
CINCH S-408-DB connector. S-408-DBCINCH 8 socket S-408-DB
CINCH S-408-FHT connector. S-408-FHTCINCH 8 socket S-408-FHT
CINCH S-408-LAB connector. S-408-LABCINCH 8 socket S-408-LAB
CINCH S-408-SB connector. S-408-SBCINCH 8 socket S-408-SB
BEAU S-4408-AB connector. S-4408-ABBEAU 8 socket S-4408-AB
BEAU S-4408-SB connector. S-4408-SBBEAU 8 socket S-4408-SB
CINCH P-410-AB connector. P-410-ABCINCH 10 plug P-410-AB
CINCH P-410-CCE connector. P-410-CCECINCH 10 plug P-410-CCE
CINCH P-410-CCT connector. P-410-CCTCINCH 10 plug P-410-CCT
CINCH P-410-DB connector. P-410-DBCINCH 10 plug P-410-DB
CINCH P-410-FHE connector. P-410-FHECINCH 10 plug P-410-FHE
CINCH P-410-FHT connector. P-410-FHTCINCH 10 plug P-410-FHT
CINCH P-410-LAB connector. P-410-LABCINCH 10 plug P-410-LAB
CINCH P-410-SB connector. P-410-SBCINCH 10 plug P-410-SB
BEAU P-4410-AB connector. P-4410-ABBEAU 10 plug P-4410-AB
BEAU P-4410-LAB connector. P-4410-LABBEAU 10 plug P-4410-LAB
CINCH S-410-AB connector. S-410-ABCINCH 10 socket S-410-AB
CINCH S-410-CCE connector. S-410-CCECINCH 10 socket S-410-CCE
CINCH S-410-CCT connector. S-410-CCTCINCH 10 socket S-410-CCT
CINCH S-410-DB connector. S-410-DBCINCH 10 socket S-410-DB
CINCH S-410-LAB connector. S-410-LABCINCH 10 socket S-410-LAB
CINCH S-410-SB connector. S-410-SBCINCH 10 socket S-410-SB
BEAU S-4410-CCT connector. S-4410-CCTBEAU 10 socket S-4410-CCT
BEAU P2-4412-AB connector. P2-4412-ABBEAU 12 plug P2-4412-AB
CINCH P-412-AB connector. P-412-ABCINCH 12 plug P-412-AB
CINCH P-412-CCT connector. P-412-CCTCINCH 12 plug P-412-CCT
CINCH P-412-DB connector. P-412-DBCINCH 12 plug P-412-DB
CINCH P-412-LAB connector. P-412-LABCINCH 12 plug P-412-LAB
CINCH P-412-SB connector. P-412-SBCINCH 12 plug P-412-SB
BEAU P-4412-AB connector. P-4412-ABBEAU 12 plug P-4412-AB
BEAU P-4412-DB connector. P-4412-DBBEAU 12 plug P-4412-DB
BEAU P-4412-LAB connector. P-4412-LABBEAU 12 plug P-4412-LAB
CINCH S-412-AB connector. S-412-ABCINCH 12 socket S-412-AB
CINCH S-412-CCE connector. S-412-CCECINCH 12 socket S-412-CCE
CINCH S-412-CCT connector. S-412-CCTCINCH 12 socket S-412-CCT
CINCH S-412-FHT connector. S-412-FHTCINCH 12 socket S-412-FHT
BEAU S-4412-AB connector. S-4412-ABBEAU 12 socket S-4412-AB
BEAU S-4412-DB connector. S-4412-DBBEAU 12 socket S-4412-DB
BEAU S-4412-LAB connector. S-4412-LABBEAU 12 socket S-4412-LAB

2400 and 5400 Series Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets.

Part NumberManufacturerPinsTypePicture
CINCH P-2402-LAB connector. P-2402-LABCINCH 2 plug P-2402-LAB
CINCH S-2402-CCT connector. S-2402-CCTCINCH 2 socket S-2402-CCT
CINCH S-2402-DB connector. S-2402-DBCINCH 2 socket S-2402-DB
CINCH S-2402-FHE connector. S-2402-FHECINCH 2 socket S-2402-FHE
CINCH S-2402-FHT connector. S-2402-FHTCINCH 2 socket S-2402-FHT
CINCH S-2402-LAB connector. S-2402-LABCINCH 2 socket S-2402-LAB
CINCH S-2402-SB connector. S-2402-SBCINCH 2 socket S-2402-SB
CINCH P-2404-CCE connector. P-2404-CCECINCH 4 plug P-2404-CCE
CINCH P-2404-CCT connector. P-2404-CCTCINCH 4 plug P-2404-CCT
CINCH P-2404-DB connector. P-2404-DBCINCH 4 plug P-2404-DB
CINCH P-2404-LAB connector. P-2404-LABCINCH 4 plug P-2404-LAB
CINCH P-2404-SB connector. P-2404-SBCINCH 4 plug P-2404-SB
CINCH P-2404-SB connector. P-2404-SBCINCH 4 plug P-2404-SB
BEAU P2-5404-SB connector. P2-5404-SBBEAU 4 plug P2-5404-SB
BEAU P-5404-CCE connector. P-5404-CCEBEAU 4 plug P-5404-CCE
BEAU P-5404-DB connector. P-5404-DBBEAU 4 plug P-5404-DB
BEAU P-5404-LAB connector. P-5404-LABBEAU 4 plug P-5404-LAB
CINCH S-2404-CCE connector. S-2404-CCECINCH 4 socket S-2404-CCE
CINCH S-2404-DB connector. S-2404-DBCINCH 4 socket S-2404-DB
CINCH S-2404H-CCT connector. S-2404H-CCTCINCH 4 socket S-2404H-CCT
CINCH S-2404H-SB connector. S-2404H-SBCINCH 4 socket S-2404H-SB
CINCH S-2404-LAB connector. S-2404-LABCINCH 4 socket S-2404-LAB
BEAU S-5404-CCE connector. S-5404-CCEBEAU 4 socket S-5404-CCE
BEAU S-5404-CCT connector. S-5404-CCTBEAU 4 socket S-5404-CCT
BEAU S-5404-DB connector. S-5404-DBBEAU 4 socket S-5404-DB
BEAU S-5404-FHT connector. S-5404-FHTBEAU 4 socket S-5404-FHT
BEAU S-5404-LAB connector. S-5404-LABBEAU 4 socket S-5404-LAB
BEAU S-5404-SB connector. S-5404-SBBEAU 4 socket S-5404-SB
BEAU S-5405-DB connector. S-5405-DBBEAU 5 socket S-5405-DB
BEAU S-5405-LAB connector. S-5405-LABBEAU 5 socket S-5405-LAB
CINCH P-2406-CCT connector. P-2406-CCTCINCH 6 plug P-2406-CCT
CINCH P-2406-LAB connector. P-2406-LABCINCH 6 plug P-2406-LAB
CINCH P-2406-SB connector. P-2406-SBCINCH 6 plug P-2406-SB
BEAU P-5406-AB connector. P-5406-ABBEAU 6 plug P-5406-AB
BEAU P-5406-CCT connector. P-5406-CCTBEAU 6 plug P-5406-CCT
BEAU P-5406-DB connector. P-5406-DBBEAU 6 plug P-5406-DB
BEAU P-5406-LAB connector. P-5406-LABBEAU 6 plug P-5406-LAB
BEAU P-5406-SB connector. P-5406-SBBEAU 6 plug P-5406-SB
CINCH S-2406-CCE connector. S-2406-CCECINCH 6 socket S-2406-CCE
CINCH S-2406-LAB connector. S-2406-LABCINCH 6 socket S-2406-LAB
BEAU S2-5406-CCT connector. S2-5406-CCTBEAU 6 socket S2-5406-CCT
BEAU S-5406-AB connector. S-5406-ABBEAU 6 socket S-5406-AB
BEAU S-5406-CCE connector. S-5406-CCEBEAU 6 socket S-5406-CCE
BEAU S-5406-CCT connector. S-5406-CCTBEAU 6 socket S-5406-CCT
BEAU S-5406-DB connector. S-5406-DBBEAU 6 socket S-5406-DB
BEAU S-5406-LAB connector. S-5406-LABBEAU 6 socket S-5406-LAB
BEAU S-5406-SB connector. S-5406-SBBEAU 6 socket S-5406-SB
BEAU S9-5406-AB connector. S9-5406-ABBEAU 6 socket S9-5406-AB
BEAU P-5407-LAB connector. P-5407-LABBEAU 7 plug P-5407-LAB
BEAU S-5407-CCT connector. S-5407-CCTBEAU 7 socket S-5407-CCT
BEAU S-5407-DB connector. S-5407-DBBEAU 7 socket S-5407-DB
BEAU S-5407-LAB connector. S-5407-LABBEAU 7 socket S-5407-LAB
BEAU P1-5408-AB connector. P1-5408-ABBEAU 8 plug P1-5408-AB
CINCH P-2408-CCE connector. P-2408-CCECINCH 8 plug P-2408-CCE
CINCH P-2408-CCT connector. P-2408-CCTCINCH 8 plug P-2408-CCT
CINCH P-2408-LAB connector. P-2408-LABCINCH 8 plug P-2408-LAB
CINCH P-2408-LAB connector. P-2408-LABCINCH 8 plug P-2408-LAB
CINCH P-2408-SB connector. P-2408-SBCINCH 8 plug P-2408-SB
BEAU P3-5408-LAB connector. P3-5408-LABBEAU 8 plug P3-5408-LAB
BEAU P-5408-AB connector. P-5408-ABBEAU 8 plug P-5408-AB
BEAU P-5408-CCE connector. P-5408-CCEBEAU 8 plug P-5408-CCE
BEAU P-5408-CCT connector. P-5408-CCTBEAU 8 plug P-5408-CCT
BEAU P-5408-DB connector. P-5408-DBBEAU 8 plug P-5408-DB
BEAU P-5408-LAB connector. P-5408-LABBEAU 8 plug P-5408-LAB
BEAU P-5408-LABG connector. P-5408-LABGBEAU 8 plug P-5408-LABG
CINCH S-2408-CCT connector. S-2408-CCTCINCH 8 socket S-2408-CCT
CINCH S-2408-LAB connector. S-2408-LABCINCH 8 socket S-2408-LAB
BEAU S3-5408-SB connector. S3-5408-SBBEAU 8 socket S3-5408-SB
BEAU S-5408-CCT connector. S-5408-CCTBEAU 8 socket S-5408-CCT
BEAU S-5408-LAB connector. S-5408-LABBEAU 8 socket S-5408-LAB
BEAU S-5408-SB connector. S-5408-SBBEAU 8 socket S-5408-SB
CINCH P-2410-AB connector. P-2410-ABCINCH 10 plug P-2410-AB
CINCH P-2410-CCT connector. P-2410-CCTCINCH 10 plug P-2410-CCT
CINCH P-2410-DB connector. P-2410-DBCINCH 10 plug P-2410-DB
CINCH P-2410-SB connector. P-2410-SBCINCH 10 plug P-2410-SB
BEAU P3-5410-LAB connector. P3-5410-LABBEAU 10 plug P3-5410-LAB
BEAU P-5410-AB connector. P-5410-ABBEAU 10 plug P-5410-AB
BEAU P-5410-CCE connector. P-5410-CCEBEAU 10 plug P-5410-CCE
BEAU P-5410-CCT connector. P-5410-CCTBEAU 10 plug P-5410-CCT
BEAU P-5410-CCT-M connector. P-5410-CCT-MBEAU 10 plug P-5410-CCT-M
BEAU P-5410-DB connector. P-5410-DBBEAU 10 plug P-5410-DB
BEAU P-5410-LAB connector. P-5410-LABBEAU 10 plug P-5410-LAB
BEAU P-5410-SB connector. P-5410-SBBEAU 10 plug P-5410-SB
CINCH S-2410-AB connector. S-2410-ABCINCH 10 socket S-2410-AB
CINCH S-2410-CCE connector. S-2410-CCECINCH 10 socket S-2410-CCE
CINCH S-2410-CCT connector. S-2410-CCTCINCH 10 socket S-2410-CCT
CINCH S-2410-DB connector. S-2410-DBCINCH 10 socket S-2410-DB
CINCH S-2410H-CCT connector. S-2410H-CCTCINCH 10 socket S-2410H-CCT
CINCH S-2410H-CCT connector. S-2410H-CCTCINCH 10 socket S-2410H-CCT
CINCH S-2410-LAB connector. S-2410-LABCINCH 10 socket S-2410-LAB
CINCH S-2410-SB connector. S-2410-SBCINCH 10 socket S-2410-SB
BEAU S-5410-AB connector. S-5410-ABBEAU 10 socket S-5410-AB
BEAU S-5410-CCE connector. S-5410-CCEBEAU 10 socket S-5410-CCE
BEAU S-5410-CCT connector. S-5410-CCTBEAU 10 socket S-5410-CCT
BEAU S-5410-CCT-M connector. S-5410-CCT-MBEAU 10 socket S-5410-CCT-M
BEAU S-5410-DB connector. S-5410-DBBEAU 10 socket S-5410-DB
BEAU S-5410-LAB connector. S-5410-LABBEAU 10 socket S-5410-LAB
BEAU S-5410-SB connector. S-5410-SBBEAU 10 socket S-5410-SB
CINCH P-2412-CCE connector. P-2412-CCECINCH 12 plug P-2412-CCE
CINCH P-2412-DB connector. P-2412-DBCINCH 12 plug P-2412-DB
CINCH P-2412-LAB connector. P-2412-LABCINCH 12 plug P-2412-LAB
CINCH P-2412-SB connector. P-2412-SBCINCH 12 plug P-2412-SB
BEAU P2-5412-CCT connector. P2-5412-CCTBEAU 12 plug P2-5412-CCT
BEAU P3-5412-LAB connector. P3-5412-LABBEAU 12 plug P3-5412-LAB
BEAU P-5412-AB connector. P-5412-ABBEAU 12 plug P-5412-AB
BEAU P-5412-CCT connector. P-5412-CCTBEAU 12 plug P-5412-CCT
BEAU P-5412-DB connector. P-5412-DBBEAU 12 plug P-5412-DB
BEAU P-5412-LAB connector. P-5412-LABBEAU 12 plug P-5412-LAB
BEAU P-5412-SB connector. P-5412-SBBEAU 12 plug P-5412-SB
CINCH S-2412-CCT connector. S-2412-CCTCINCH 12 socket S-2412-CCT
CINCH S-2412H-SB connector. S-2412H-SBCINCH 12 socket S-2412H-SB
CINCH S-2412-LAB connector. S-2412-LABCINCH 12 socket S-2412-LAB
BEAU S-2412-LAB connector. S-2412-LABBEAU 12 socket S-2412-LAB
CINCH S-2412-SB connector. S-2412-SBCINCH 12 socket S-2412-SB
BEAU S-5412-AB connector. S-5412-ABBEAU 12 socket S-5412-AB
BEAU S-5412-DB connector. S-5412-DBBEAU 12 socket S-5412-DB
BEAU S-5412-LAB connector. S-5412-LABBEAU 12 socket S-5412-LAB
BEAU S-5412-SB connector. S-5412-SBBEAU 12 socket S-5412-SB
BEAU P-5414-SB connector. P-5414-SBBEAU 14 plug P-5414-SB

500 and 5500 Series Cinch Jones Blade Type Plugs and Sockets.

Part NumberManufacturerPinsTypePicture
CINCH P-502-CCE connector. P-502-CCECINCH 2 plug P-502-CCE
CINCH P-502-DB connector. P-502-DBCINCH 2 plug P-502-DB
CINCH P-502-SB connector. P-502-SBCINCH 2 plug P-502-SB
BEAU S-5502-SB connector. S-5502-SBBEAU 2 socket S-5502-SB
CINCH P-504-DB connector. P-504-DBCINCH 4 plug P-504-DB
CINCH P-504-SB connector. P-504-SBCINCH 4 plug P-504-SB
CINCH S-504-CCE connector. S-504-CCECINCH 4 socket S-504-CCE
CINCH S-504-CE connector. S-504-CECINCH 4 socket S-504-CE
CINCH S-504-DB connector. S-504-DBCINCH 4 socket S-504-DB
CINCH P-506-CE connector. P-506-CECINCH 6 plug P-506-CE
CINCH P-506-DB connector. P-506-DBCINCH 6 plug P-506-DB
CINCH P-506-SB connector. P-506-SBCINCH 6 plug P-506-SB
CINCH P-506-SB connector. P-506-SBCINCH 6 plug P-506-SB
CINCH S-506-SB connector. S-506-SBCINCH 6 socket S-506-SB
CINCH P-508-CE connector. P-508-CECINCH 8 plug P-508-CE
CINCH P-508-DB connector. P-508-DBCINCH 8 plug P-508-DB
CINCH P-508-SB connector. P-508-SBCINCH 8 plug P-508-SB
CINCH S-508-CE connector. S-508-CECINCH 8 socket S-508-CE
CINCH S-508-DB connector. S-508-DBCINCH 8 socket S-508-DB
CINCH P-510-SB connector. P-510-SBCINCH 10 plug P-510-SB
CINCH S-510-DB connector. S-510-DBCINCH 10 socket S-510-DB
CINCH P-512-CCE connector. P-512-CCECINCH 12 plug P-512-CCE
CINCH P-512-DB connector. P-512-DBCINCH 12 plug P-512-DB
CINCH P-512-SB connector. P-512-SBCINCH 12 plug P-512-SB
CINCH S-512-DB connector. S-512-DBCINCH 12 socket S-512-DB