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Bussmann and Littelfuse Fuses, and Fuse Holders from

About Bussmann, Littelfuse Fuses.

Among the many brand name fuses we regularly stock are Bussmann and Littelfuse fuses. Both Bussmann and Littelfuse develop their fuses for the utmost in reliable operation.

As one of the most prominent manufacturers of fuses and system protection products, Bussmann components comply with a series of domestic and international operation criteria. Precision developed fuses by Bussmann can be found in a wide variety of automotive, medical, and telecommunication electronic systems.

Alongside Bussmann, Littelfuse stands as an advanced manufacturer of fuses that include military certified and highly enduring fuses. Products developed by Littelfuse include pico fuses, micro fuses, and fuse holders.

In addition to Bussmann, Littelfuse, Eagle, Teccor, and Wickman fuses, fuse holders are available along with clips, blocks, and indicators. The fuse holders and component accessories we carry fully comply with specific military and commercial certifications to ensure safety, efficiency, and economy in utilization and incorporation. Medical, industrial, broadcasting manufacturers, and electronic repair shops have come to readily rely upon our inventory of brand name fuses, fuse holders, switches, sockets and connectors.

Additional products we have in stock:

Our online catalog may be browsed, or you can contact us to inquire about our standard components, as well as obsolete and hard-to-find series, and complete electronic devices. Tedss is able to supply you with products from Bussmann and Littelfuse, and so many more industry leaders. Additional manufacturer products we have in stock are Eagle, Teccor, Wickman, Schurter and SOC, just to name a few. Their product lines of fuses, fuse-clips, fuse-blocks, and fuse holders are all in stock at competitive prices.