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About Edge Connectors

As one of the most vital, prominently used components in just about any electrical device, stocks numerous connector brands and styles, which include RF, edge, and blue ribbon varieties. A vast range of current and voltage ratings, contact counts, and mounting types are all available from us as a single resource. The shear necessity and prominence of connectors in so many products creates a concern for most manufacturers. It is imperative to select the proper style, since the individual quality and attributes of each connector can dramatically affect the overall system and device.

Edge, RF, and blue ribbon connectors, among the many others we provide, can be specified through our online catalog. Connector manufactures we carry include Cinch, Berg, Tyco and, Edac. We can help you select the proper brand and style of connector. Knowing you have an expert resource at your disposal will save you time and cost through the ordering process, and will further the quality of the devices you produce and repair.

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Contact to learn more and to promptly specify your desired quantity of connectors, terminal blocks, fuses, switches, and capacitors. Most of our components are available for immediate shipment. As your components needs are unique, so remains our stock. We are able to serve your diverse requirements, oftentimes in a single order.