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Wet, Chip, and Solid Tantalum Capacitors from

About Tantalum Capacitors.

Our many commercial and military manufacturing clients continue to rely on us for chip, solid, and wet tantalum capacitors. We have commercial and mil-spec versions of all 3 types. These capacitors are beneficial for incorporation into medical, industrial, and communication products.

Wet tantalum capacitors, named such for their liquid electrolyte composition, provide increased frequency response, thus improving efficiency. This style of capacitor is used in high voltage systems.

Solid tantalum capacitors are available in axial and radial leads. These capacitors are hermetically sealed, and coupled with their features of high stability, low leakage current, low dissipation and high capacitance, they prove to be an optimal choice for reliability in harsh environments.

Chip tantalum capacitors maintain significant stability in both operating temperature and frequency. As a result, these capacitors provide savings in both space and cost.

Other capacitors we consistently supply and promptly ship include dipped tantalum, motor start, mica, and monolithic ceramic. All of these capacitors can be electronically specified through our online catalog, along with our selection of fuses, connectors, push button switches, and terminal blocks. We can also answer all your questions and provide you with a quote upon contacting us.